Many people have contributed to Shadows of Isildur over the years.  We thank them all for their tireless efforts and remember them with much fondness.  If you are, or know of, a previous administrator or builder that is not listed here, please contact us via our support system and let us know the name of the missing administrator and provide any details you may know of.  This page is woefully lacking as being a comprehensive list.  We will continue to update as time goes on.

Shadows of Isildur has been a collaborative project since day one – without the efforts and generosity of those listed here, we would not be here today. Over the years, many of people have had a hand in helping the project come to fruition; if you feel your name should be on this list, but was lost in the shuffle, please accept our sincere apologies for the oversight, and let us know so we can rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Obviously, it goes without saying that without the wonderful works and imagination of the late Professor J.R.R. Tolkien, none of this would have been possible – our heartfelt thanks go out to him for sharing his vision and his creations with his fellow human beings.

Past Contributors of Note:

Adia: Formerly one of our head administrators, Adia tackled the daunting task of reconstructing Minas Tirith faithfully to the last detail from Tolkien’s work. Much of his work remains intact and in-game to this day.

Amritsar: Amritsar singlehandedly constructed large swaths of Ithilien, as well as significant portions of the inner circles of Minas Tirth.

Fox: One of the members of our original founding team, Fox contributed a great number of things, including a lot of general building, singlehandedly designing the original Minas Morgul, and mathematically balancing the economy.

Gilgalsil: A former administrator, Gilgalsil was instrumental in bringing the shadier parts of the White City to life. Like Adia, a great deal of his is still used.

HaiWolfe: One of our most industrious builders, HaiWolfe is responsible for much of Minas Morgul as it is today, and as head admin oversaw one of our most prolific periods of growth to date.

Japheth: A former gane owner and code lead, he was responsible for a leap in the sophistication of the backend of the game.

Myrrkridia: A former head administrator and one of the very first members of the staff, Myrrkridia helped shepherd the game through many rough patches early on. Much of the building in Minas Morgul that exists to this day is his, and during his tenure he earned widespread infamy and adulation for his dreaded Roll a New Character RPTs

Harshlands MUD: Harshlands contributed the codebase from which our own was developed; without them, we would not have a server.

The Diku Project: The skeletal server upon which Harshlands was originally built.

Shadow: A devoted veteran staffer who served the game for more years than most with dedication. She created Fahad-Jafari along with Mania and was a senior staff member.

Sightentist: A long-term Lead Coder, who kept the game going when all others had given up. One of the brightest and most brilliant admins the MUD has seen.

Traithe: Founded and began development on Shadows of Isildur in January of 2002. He authored all the code changes that made our MUD server into what it is today (as of April 2004), in addition to creating our website’s scripting and content.

Zapata:  One of our brightest roleplay administrators, Zapata created much of Osgiliath, and was heavily involved in creating plots and storylines for our shadier PCs.

Full List of Past Staff Members:

Adia   2002   Project Lead, Minas Tirith
Aldaron   2002   Builder, Minas Tirith
Aratar      Administrator – Fellowship of Apothecarists, Fellowship of Healers, Fellowship of Horticulturists, Minas Tirith City Guard, Minas Tirith Cityworkers
Arato      Administrator
Archangel      Administrator
Arucard      Administrator – Battalion Contracts, Minas Tirith City Guard, The Battalions of Ithilien, Underworld of Minas Tirith
Ashtia      Administrator – Fellowships and Merchant Houses

Bones – Military RPA
Bristlecone      Developer / Coder

Cas      Crafts Administrator


Cormac      Administrator – The Battalions of Ithilien
Daerodon       Roleplay Administrator
Deacon      Administrator – Battalion of Lord Eradan


Dravage       Roleplay Administrator
Draxx      Applications Admin
Dregor      Lead Administrator, Moria

Eldritch – Plot-Wright. Purveyor of Doom. Terrorizer to the Extreme. He mostly staffed in FJ and the Tower
Emoroth      Administrator
Erebus      Documentation Administrator
Eyania   2002   Builder, Minas Tirith
Falco       Roleplay Administrator
Fox   2002   Project Lead, Minas Morgul
Frisia       Roleplay Administrator
Frost      Battalion of Lord Eradan
Grim      Battalion of Lord Eradan
Haiwolf      Builder
Japheth      Lead Administrator
Jintoz      Builder
Kite      Lead Administrator
Methuselah      Developer in Training
Mirudus      Roleplay Administrator
Myrrkridia   2002   Builder, Minas Morgul
Nir      Administrator
Nix      Roleplay Administrator
Nocht      Plots and Gossip, Power and Politics
Orden      Roleplay Administrator
Peredhel   2002   Editor, Minas Tirith
Phoenix      Administrator – Fellowship of Armorsmiths, Fellowship of Chandlers, Fellowship of Clothwrights, Fellowship of Hostelers, Fellowship of Jewelers, Fellowship of Metalsmiths, Fellowship of Weaponsmiths
Rethe      Administrator – Khoin’s Hammer, The Black Watch, The Buroda-Dawar, The Cult of Morgoth

Ronin      Administrator
Saphina       Roleplay Administrator
Sedryn      Council, Politics Assistant plus Builder, Deputy to Ashtia
Segomo      None Designated
Shadow      Administrator – Haradic Game Sphere
Sighentist      Developer / Coder
Sudo      Administrator in Training

Thobo   2002   Builder, Minas Tirith
Traithe   2002   Founder

Tusken – RPA – Military (Eastern Garrison) and Osgiliath 2005
Tyberius      Administrator
Ulysses   2002   Builder, Minas Morgul
Valarauka      Developer / Coder
Vite      Administrator – Fellowship of Engineers, Fellowship of Hostelers, Fellowship of Masons
Wormwood      Administrator – Barksh’s Cage, The Gothakra Warband, The Twisted Eye of Khagdu
Zapata      Developer / Coder
Zarathustra       Advisor