Limited RPP Roles - Beornings

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Limited RPP Roles - Beornings

Post by Frigga » Sun Aug 03, 2014 8:41 pm

Following the other announcement about the introduction of RPP roles, I am introducing limited testing of a new mannish "Race" for the Human side - Beornings.

Please read information found here: ... +Beornings ... rroundings

This is a look into incorporating some different cultural themes and habits and tying our world into the larger mythos of the Hobbit and Middle Earth while testing races and concepts beyond the standard "Woodman of Rhovanion" background and to offer a different idea on combat and craft production and interaction with environment versus the mercantile-driven ideals of Utterby (and by connection Laketown.)

The first applicants to these roles need to be people steadfast dedicated to roleplay and immersion into the gameworld, people who are responsible and seek to create a good example for the future of these roles and race. With privilege comes responsibility, and thus these roles will come with a high expectation from staff (mostly assuredly myself) to think before acting and to look towards long-term feasibility of one's PC and the role as a whole. These roles (like the other newly added 1 RPP roles) will come with no special items, no extra starter coin, and no other starting perks save some skill points - it is up to those taking these first roles to do anything further through IC action.

If you cannot fulfill those expectations, in short, please do not apply. Your account needs to have a minimum of 1 RPP to apply, which will be removed as the cost for this special racial application.

All applications should be submitted to myself (Frigga) via PM they will then be discussed by staff with those chosen applicants informed via PM and given permission to submit via the chargen system. If you submit via the chargen system before a confirmation of approval is given, your application will be summarily denied for this round of applications. (It's my first test in who follows rules and directives. ;) )

Three spots are open for a Beorning Warrior Role:
Background: You hale from the fortress-town of Veidreborg, established by Beorn as a front on the border of orc-controlled territory in Mirkwood Forest. You have seen the Great Fire's smoke rise from the East and have followed it in search of the heart of the orcs. A veteran of several battles, your quest is simple: establish and defend a new fortified camp near the heart of the orcs' strength, and cleanse their taint from the sacred forest. You have been chosen for this task by Beorn himself. Perhaps you believe that through following his leadership and fighting honorably, you might one day be a great enough warrior to Become the Bear. You have undergone many trials and rituals to become so fierce in battle; you regularly partake in the consumption of the Reidyr provided by your people's shamans. This secretly guarded hallucinogen may have granted you strange visions, made you paranoid of outsiders, or have had a number of other effects on you; however, it cannot be denied that the power and rage it bestows upon you when you fight is incredible. It is through this practice that you come as close to Beorn's ability to shapeshift (to "Become the Bear") as you are able to. Because of this, you have trained hard in the ways of restraining your emotions outside of battle, except during a feast, ritual, or other activities with those you most trust.
+10 to a weapon skill, +5 to Dual-Wield, Solo-Wield, Dodge, or Block

And three spots are open for a Beorning Farmer role:
You may be the wife of a great warrior, or a son that has not followed in his father's footsteps. This has earned you no disrespect from your people. Beorning Farmers are famous for their baked goods, particularly their Honey-Cakes when they have access to bee hives. You know well the uses of the forest and plains, how to raise and care for animals, provide food for your people, and aid the Shamans in gathering herbs and other resources for the survival of all. You may also know the way of the axe and pick, to help improve the fortifications of Veidreborg, and may even have learned to shoot a bow to help stave off orc raids against the walls. You have sojourned eastward with many others from Veidreborg to help support the cause of pushing the orcs out of Mirkwood; after all, without you, the warriors are forced to hunt for food - something which should always be avoided when possible, as the most innocent of beasts in the woods are sacred things.

+10 to a crafting skill, +5 to another crafting skill

Please note - Farming is currently under construction, however is a useful skill to pick for future expansions. If at least one person takes this role and chooses Baking, I might be rather inclined to make those famous honey-cakes a craftable reality. ;)

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