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PSA: RPP Restricted Skills

Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 12:50 am
by Fulgrim
Right now, I need you guys to stop designing characters around Handle, Steal, Picklock and Education and scripts (though this last one I am willing, and others are willing to hear about via tickets and such, if it should broach your character concept). There's no practical applications of a lot of these RPP skills, sans education and scripts, right now, and even if there was, we'd be more comfortable if the role itself described having them.

If it isn't in the purview of the role you're selecting, don't take it. I know a lot of you are eager because you have your RPPs now and there's roles out there, but this isn't pick and choose your role. What's there is there, right now.

Thanks everyone.

Re: PSA: RPP Restricted Skills

Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:01 pm
by Fulgrim

I will now be accepting all Orc apps with Steal, Lockpick and Handle, if you have the RPP* for it. If you've previously expressed an interest in these skills in your apps, and been denied already, you may have another look over your app.

Education and Scripts still requires a ticket and a word with Nimrod beforehand.

I will not be touching human apps above 0-RPP.

*You just need about one RPP and they open up for selection, I believe. If you can pick them, you're in the clear.

ETA: You can continue to submit apps for the human sphere with these skills selected, I just make no guarantees others will accept you. I suppose it'll be made clear.