Human Pregnancy

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Human Pregnancy

Post by Frigga » Wed Aug 13, 2014 10:29 am

Apparently there's a bit of confusion about this, so - I'm posting this to clarify.

Staff is looking at some point to augment the old "help pregnacy" helpfile rules with crafted/progged support of indeed rolls and the ability for PC healers to more actively participate in this.

However, as will be a process to get in place, here's the current policy if you'd like your human female PC to RP a pregnancy.

- You open a support ticket expressing your desire.

Please be sure to include both your account name and the name of the PC in question in the ticket and name the father PC.

- You recognize that such a thing is for responsible, respectful roleplayers. While there is no hard in stone RPP requirement at the moment, staff will consider past actions in determining eligibility and approval. This is a request, not a guarantee.

Staff approval comes from one source - myself, Frigga.

- RPing pregnancy or symptoms of pregnancy before receiving official staff approval is not a guarantee of acceptance. Instead you risk having to awkwardly RP a false alarm or worse depending on how long you RP before receiving approval.

-The father of said child also needs to send in a ticket noting his approval of this plan. We don't support pregnancies for PCs without approval from both parties.
No virgin births no pregnancies via imagined one-night-stands with vNPCs or NPCs. ;)

- You formulate a a plan to regularly see a PC healer and get checkups on your PC's progress

- You perform at least one an "OOC roll vs good con" during those checkups to see how you are doing, and the results of such posted to this ticket

- Depending on how those checks go, staff may provide further insight into your PC (or the baby's) physical state

- As per the current though slightly outdated "help pregnancy" helpfile, you understand that should some of these rolls repeatedly go poorly you take the risk (not a great risk, but still a risk) of losing the baby and/or your PC. More regular medical care (with submitted rolls and any pertinent logs/info to your ticket) will help to mitigate this risk

- You understand that your PC's actions can and will be taken into account in addition to these rolls. (IE - constantly leaving your PC on hungry, hauling five logs at a time, or drinking hard booze like a fish not conducive to a successful and healthy pregnancy - so don't expect them to. ;) )

- You understand we are not at this time supporting personal NPCs. Thus should your pregnancy end successfully, you'll receive a baby object. At some point in the future, we'll look into NPCs. At some point in the future, said object will likely require crafted feeding, so you understand a cost might be associated with the choice of said child.

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