Attention: Only ONE character per Account!

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Attention: Only ONE character per Account!

Post by Alcarin » Sun Aug 31, 2014 10:59 am


I've begun to notice more and more applications being submitted for second (or even third or fourth) characters.

Please bear in mind that we have a strict policy, here at SoI: Laketown, of no multi-playing and only one character per player at any given time.

It is fine to create characters in your character stable, but please do NOT submit them unless you want your current character to be retired immediately upon approval of the next.

We're working to get this code issue fixed, but in the meanwhile we have simply declined such applications when we see them, and when a Guide has accidentally let one slip through we have simply removed all except the newest character on said accounts from play.

TL;DR: You may not have more than ONE active character at a time! Please do not submit applications while you have an active PC, unless you wish to have your current PC summarily retired for you, if the application slips in through the cracks in our approval process.

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