Official Policy Regarding Player Character Resurrections

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Official Policy Regarding Player Character Resurrections

Post by Alcarin » Wed Sep 24, 2014 2:00 pm

We have been discussing this for a few weeks now, and have finally settled upon the following as our official policy on resurrections.

Please note that the section pertaining to PK will be very, very rarely invoked. Thus far there has been only one incident where it would have applied, and that was several RL months ago and has long since been dealt with.

Please keep discussion of the below policies civil and constructive. We will humor feedback and player thoughts or opinions, but we need to maintain a constructive atmosphere.
The death of one's beloved character (PC) is a difficult and emotional time for many players and can lead to a range of complex emotions. However, as an RPI (Roleplay Intensive) game - Shadows of Isildur: Laketown RPI embraces a policy of permanent character death following the coded passing of one's character. Reversing those permanent deaths is thus a rare event that requires careful consideration for the impact on the in-game reality.

Shadows of Isildur: Laketown RPI has thus adopted the following policy in regards to resurrecting player characters (PCs):

1. If a Roleplay Administrator confirms that a character has died due to a bug in the code, they may resurrect that character at their discretion.

2. If a Roleplay Administrator confirms that a character has died due to an OOC mistake on the part of a member of Staff, they may resurrect that character at their discretion.

3. If a player or Roleplay Administrator believes that a character has been player-killed (PKed) through an abuse of code or player action in such a way that violates our Player Policies and IC vs OOC Expectations, they may submit a request for Staff to investigate and determine, via internal vote, whether that player character may be resurrected. A yes vote will require a minimum of two staffers with none opposed, but will prefer a majority consensus decision.

Please note:

Player killing (PK) is a valid action within our game and if otherwise within our policies and guidelines is a valid reason for the permanent death of a player character. Lack of satisfaction with the quality of roleplay surrounding such an event is not in and of itself a valid reason for a resurrection. However if reported, such will certainly be taken into consideration by staff in the future awarding or removal of roleplay points (RPP).

Connection latency (lag) nor dropping connection (DCing) nor needing to walk away from the control of one's character (going AFK) will as a policy be deemed a valid reason for a resurrection being warranted save mitigating circumstances. It is therefore, highly recommended that you do not engage your character in dangerous situations if your connection or ability to control them is not currently commiserate with the chance of coded combat.

In ALL cases where a PC is resurrected by a member of staff, that member of staff is required to immediately notify Elder Staff and post all pertinent details into a thread on the Staff Forums for review. Staff members found to be resurrecting PCs without good cause will be subject to progressive disciplinary action.

In any cases where a player feels that a resurrection may be warranted, but the Roleplay Administrator(s) on-hand disagree(s), the player may submit a trouble ticket to Elder Staff requesting the matter be reviewed. Submitted resurrection requests that fall outside of listed reasons 1, 2, or 3 are likely to be summarily dismissed.

If a player death is under review for possible resurrection, Staff will provide an IG object of 'The character's short description lays here, near death.' in order to minimize potential harm to in-game suspension of disbelief.

All player character resurrections MUST occur within 48 Real Life hours of the character's code death, or we will default to the character being permanently dead regardless of the situation at hand.

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