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Live on Next Reboot: VNPC Wall Workers in Utterby

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Live on Next Reboot: VNPC Wall Workers in Utterby

Postby Alcarin » Mon Sep 29, 2014 8:23 pm


As of the next reboot, there will be vnpc workers busying themselves with the expansion of Utterby's walls.

They will require feeding and watering by PCs via a craft. Unfortunately, despite the names of the lunch objects, we do not yet have support for making each lunch more or less filling than the others (if I can figure out a good way to do it without redesigning everything, it'll be in soon).

They will need to be fed every 2 in-game days or they will quit working and start complaining.

Also: Orcs can attack them with a new, orc-specific mirkwood craft, and Guards can get them back to work with a new, guard-specific craft.


P.S. The laborers cannot actually progress a palisade into the next type of palisade, even if they fill it up to (or past) 100%. PCs will still have to come out and work on the wall periodically, if it's ever going to be finished.

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