Ticket Creation

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Ticket Creation

Post by Meneldor » Sun Oct 12, 2014 10:20 pm

Here are a couple tips when creating new tickets:

1. If the ticket pertains to a specific character, please name the character in the ticket.

2. If it pertains to a possible craft bug, please post a log of the craft error.

3. Do not make multiple tickets for the same issue. If you have an update or additional comments, please add them to the original ticket.

4. If you created a ticket that is no longer applicable, but you have not received an email saying it is closed, please go in and close it.

5. If you need to add to a ticket, but cannot access it, please PM me with the additional information and the original ticket #.

If you currently have tickets open that no longer apply and you cannot access them or close/delete them, please send me a short PM stating: "The following ticket(s) can be closed: ticket#".

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Re: Ticket Creation

Post by Nimrod » Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:09 am

We also encourage the use of gmail email addresses for use in the support ticket system. We seem to always have issues with hotmail and outlook addresses for some reason while testing with a gmail address works every single time. This is a low priority issue, so we won't be addressing it for the time being.

Another good way is to actually register for an account through the support system, though it is just one other account you have to keep track of. If there was a good way to combine all of our account names and passwords we'd do it, but the return on investment for that right now is low and won't be happening any time soon.
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