Channels of Communication

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Channels of Communication

Post by Nimrod » Wed Nov 19, 2014 2:49 am

There are multiple channels for players to communicate with staff. I've instructed staff to tighten up how these channels should be used. Don't take it personally if you're told that a channel you're using is improper and you're asked to report an issue in a different place. It's important that we follow protocol so we can do our jobs efficiently.

Here are the channels I'm talking about:

Typos - This is self-explanatory. A word spelled incorrectly, improper grammar in a room description, a mis-linked room. Everything that is reported via the typo command should be able to be fixed by a builder. If a builder cannot fix it, they have been instructed to close the typo with a polite note to let you know they can't fix it and if you'd like to escalate the issue you can create a support ticket.

Petition - The intent of the petition command is for in-game matters. It is not intended to report problems with crafts or typos. It is meant for you to convey a request for immediate attention and should not be abused. If you need a payday, feel free to use the new status command or create a support ticket. If you do need to petition, make it short and sweet. If your petition can be answered in an in-character manner by animating an npc or such, we will try to avoid interrupting your play.

Status - Personally I love this new command. It's basically a way for you to set a permanent message that staff will see every time we use a very commonly used command that lists the location of every player in the game. Please NOTE - We only see the first 20 characters of your status message (as noted in the help file), but a lot of folks forget and try to write a longer message that doesn't make sense to us. Use this for things like 'Need Payday', or 'Patrolling', 'Need Clanning', etc... (You can even use it to let us know you think you're overdue for an RPP, with 'rpp-eligible'.)

Support Tickets - Problems with crafts, or any other non-typo problem that you may be having in-game. Have an idea for a plot you'd like to have your character chase in-game? Make a Support Ticket, we'd love to talk to you about it. The reason this system works so well for us is that everyone who needs to see it can, and there's a permanent record of who said what for historical reference.

Private Messages - Avoid these.

Emails - Avoid these too.

Forums - If you have a legitimate question, feel free to post to 'Ask the Staff'. We watch for posts there and try to answer them as quickly as we can. Don't count on us commenting on your public forum posts.

Journal - We encourage everyone to make use of your in-game journal. Feel free to set your status to something like 'journal 16' if you would like us to take note of that entry. Remember though, there are times when there are no staff members online, so keeping your status set for a day or so to ensure we see it is likely a good idea.

Thank you for using the systems we've put in place in the manner they were designed for. In the end it will help us all.
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