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NPC Interaction

Post by Nimrod » Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:28 pm

I've deployed a new system for interacting with NPCs that I believe will help us out tremendously and let players keep things in-character and pass their requests along at their convenience.

Many times when we are asked to animate an npc, questions are posed that we cannot immediately answer, and sometimes cannot be answered at all without consulting with another staff member or locating some information that does not want to be found. This system will allow us time to get you the correct answer in a timely manner and take the pressure off of staff to come up with answers on the spot that an NPC really should know.

Don't worry, we'll still be providing animations for fun stuff, but if you ask to become a member of the Artisan's Union, don't be surprised when Master Wheeler tells you to pass your request on to his representative so he can consider it at his leisure.

The system is extremely simple. It consists of a simple in-game board that you can post to. Some of these boards require a 'posting-fee', consider it a filing fee for the time it's going to take the Master to consider your request and respond. These fees will vary from npc to npc. You'll already notice that there's a Citadel Recruiter taking messages that charges a hefty fee. The in-character reason for this is to help cover Citadel costs and to cull out applicants that may not be completely serious.

Future Litigants will be allowed to post to these boards at a greatly reduced cost, so it will most likely benefit you in the future to ask this person to make the request on your behalf and pay them a much smaller fee than posting directly to an npc board.

Once you make your board post, a special message is sent to us notifying us of your post so it doesn't go unnoticed. We go to that board and read your post. If we can answer immediately we'll make a reply to that specific board, or discuss among ourselves how to respond over a few days.

Responses may be in the form of a written letter (for those of you that can read), or a virtual meeting.

Written letters are sent through our new post system, sealed in an envelope to be delivered to you. You can check for deliveries with Vernon here: Public Trading Space in the Traders Yard.

Virtual Meeting Appointments are also sent via the new post system.

Virtual Meetings allow us to write up a quick bit of roleplay so you can actually hear the words rather than having to read, in case you're character is not literate.

When playing a character that cannot read, you must roleplay that the information on the appointment was read to you by someone. The information on the appointment will let you know who wants to talk to you and where. The 'where' will be in the form of a room name, which may be anywhere in game. If you don't know where it is, you may have to do some scouting around until you find it.

Once you're in the correct room you can activate the meeting with 'do meeting' and you'll receive the in-game information via the prog. It's rather nifty if you ask me.

Be on your toes, the meeting only happens once and you may possibly be dragged into another room or given some objects.

We've already had a few in-game tests of this system and so far it looks like it's working very well. Please let us know if you run into any problems.

I see this as a great equalizer for all players, allowing our off-peak players the same interactions that our peak players get.

Responses to these board posts may take up to 40 in-character days, so please, be patient. It's our intent to slow down some of these interactions, so be thoughtful in your requests and keep issues manageable. Cramming a ton of stuff into one post will most likely see the npc you are interacting with ask for some more information on extra topics, which will require you to pay another fee to make a board post.

This system will take a lot of pressure off of our staff and help us properly document interactions in a simple manner.
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