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Knocking on doors/some door interactions improved h/t Cfelch

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Knocking on doors/some door interactions improved h/t Cfelch

Postby Grommit » Tue Feb 03, 2015 10:25 pm


A Patio-Set Courtyard
Exits: north (closed bog-iron gate) east (open door) south
(closed bog-iron-gate) west (closed pine door)

knock gate s
You rap on the door.

knock door w
You rap on the door.


Same except:
You rap on the bog-iron-gate.
You rap on the pine door.


Some additional messages from the game to you were improved while digging into this. Context should be clear from this list:

B: That's not a direction
A: "northeats" is not a valid direction

B: I see no "hazl" there [e.g. the hazel-painted door or such]
A: There is no "hazl" to the east.

EDIT: Fixed 'cflech' to 'cfelch'. Whoopsie!
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