vNPC archers

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vNPC archers

Post by Ceredir » Sat Apr 25, 2015 4:11 am

Both our glorious settlements now have some vNPC archers who are very much capable of shooting some very non-virtual arrows. They are not as crazy as the machinegun-like archers of old SoI, but they can still hurt.

You'll also notice that there is now a new object - a box collecting arrows for defenders, located above the gate in each settlement. You can put shortbow arrows into this box in order to stock up your defenders with ammunition. The archers will slowly stock themselves up over time, but there will always be a maximum of arrows they can shoot per (roughly) an in-game hour. If you put crappy arrows into the box, then that is what the archers will shoot. If you give them high-quality arrows... well, you get the idea.

If left completely untended, the archers will still supply themselves with a very limited amount of low-end arrows, presumably crafted by vNPC fletchers.

The box will not accept anything else than shortbow arrows. Sorry, your vNPCs use only shortbows.

As usual with every new feature, while I believe we've tested thoroughly enough, there might be some issues we didn't think of. If you find any problems, oddities, spelling errors etc, please submit a typo.
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