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Major Combat / Armor Rehaul - Live NOW

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Major Combat / Armor Rehaul - Live NOW

Postby Icarus » Sat May 23, 2015 1:26 pm

I didn't announce this in the past, but this is about to go live.
Ambush now gives 50% of its previous bonus.
All weapon styles are equal ish now. Bludgeon will no longer be THE BEST style. Also dwielding smalls is slightly less effective. Really any build now can hold its own.
Armor is revamped. Expect quality on metal armor to be much, much improved. Also next tier of mail is about to go in.
Wargs are more dangerous. Everything really is.
You can tell what sector an item can be foraged in.
And... Something else. Oh! Dwield strength min for dual mediums is now beyond all of you.

Test it. Love it. Die to it. Old power builds will not dominate.

Find bugs? Send them in.
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