April / May Newsletter

Game related announcements from the staff, including RPTs, general plot information, etc...

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April / May Newsletter

Post by Icarus » Wed May 27, 2015 1:35 pm

Welcome Hobbits! Tons of changes have happened this last month, more than I can summarize! Here's to Rishte and Telchar summarizing it all up:

From Rishte:

With April showers brings May flowers. April brings the first hint of spring and with it, spring-break for those of us with little ones, mid-terms and finals for those of us who teach or those of us who learn, and with it too comes the sun, fresh air and freedom from the closeted existence that is winter. What does that mean? That means we got distracted with life and with the warmer seasons and some of us took much needed breaks from all the work we’ve been toiling over for the past several months. What does this mean for May? It means growth. Expect newness. Expect changes. Expect amazing things to sprout up all around you!

Need some examples of what you may have over looked around you? Mainstreamed licensing for shops, stalls and unaffiliated trade. Honey Hills Farms is open and with that a boatload of farming crafts and goods. Dozens of new forageables both seasonal and location-specific. New crafts in a variety of already established skills such as, but not limited to, metalcraft, woodcraft, brewing, stonecraft, textilecraft, etc. New subcrafts such as chandlery, soapcraft, perfumery, dyemaking, carpentry, and more underway. You might have noticed that jewelry has been broken up and better categorized under artistry and there is more to come with some really awesome plans for jewelry. You might have noticed that houses are in. Houses, people. And with those houses you have access to decorating with some great crafts and still yet more to come.

What more, though? We’re working on balancing out weapons and armor and giving you guys tiered crafts to give options for quality and better materials. We’re working on mining. You want more access to iron or even better metals? Keep an eye out for more updates in mining. We’re also working on gemstones and minerals too which will make future jewelry plans amah-zing! Still not sated? Laketown is on the horizon and we’ve been putting so much documentation and lore together your eyes will bleed and your tongue will dry up in speechlessness.

You want more? Come play, come witness the glory of Middle-Earth. Come battle for dominion between Man and Orc and be a part of a living, breathing story.

From Telchar:

What’s happening with in the Mirkwood and the surrounding town of Utterby and the Orc Mountain:

A Wolf of the worst kind ranges the Mirk! Has It been sent from the south, to strengthen and spread the dominion of the Darkness that resides in Dol Guldur? Or is It an evil of its own accord that finds the Mirk well-suited to take abode there? What will it mean for the orc tribes of the mountain; the wargs, who It calls as Its children. Though It has made known Its presence here and about, the intents to its purpose remain unclear. Whatever they may be, the Doom Wolf is another evil Utterby would have to reckon with in the coming days.

The Vadok reaped great praises for their victory against the goblins of the deeper mines. But was it a complete one? The Chieftain will not forget the slaughter of his trusted lieutenants, and his turtle - Vador.

Schemes and plots for dominance stir up in the mountain – Some call it Unification of the Orcs, for the Greater Bad! The tribes, ever in struggle for a hold on the mountain, continue to devise schemes to further their powers. Vadok’s victories against the goblin hoard of the mines have certainly shown that they are a force to reckon with, and their strength would certainly play a major role, as other tribes try to pull them on their sides against others.

Code Changes:

Ceredir - A number of updates to weapons and armor, as well as general combat:
Ambush has been downgraded and its behavior changed somewhat.
Weapons and armor are now standardized and existing weapons and armor will automatically revert to the set standards.
Improved the way admins can change weapon and armor standards.
Dual wielding medium weapons and wielding two-handed weapons in one hand is now impossible for players.
Layering armor now works in a reasonable way - before it either didn't work in some cases, or was totally overpowered in others.

Ceredir - Cosmetic changes to the output of the ORIGINS command.

Grommit - Improved management of equipment and other character information to make
restoring from bugs/problems far easier.

Grommit - Fixed bug with set effort where if both players had it set < 100,
the attacker on each swing in turn would take a double penalty
and the defender none. Now both attacker and defender scale
themselves by their effort percent as it ought to be. Note this
only applied if BOTH people fighting had set effort < 100, which is
pretty rare, hence why it went undiscovered so long.

Grommit - Adjusted non-human races to have proper attack types (bites etc) and damage when
fighting without weaponry, instead of assuming they were doing low-damage fist
brawling as is the case for humanoids.

Enhanced staff awareness of these settings in their character sheet view tool.

Grommit - Tripled default duration of newbie tag from 12 to 36 play hours
per request. You're welcome to turn this off early if you dn't
like having it, using 'set'.
[Petition: Player] I am ready to begin my interdimensional adventure.

A mutilated little orc murmurs, nodding as he mutters,
"I fought good today. Yuh. Fought good, 'specially for bein' the kitchen-snaga. Yuh, I did."

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