June / July Newsletter

Game related announcements from the staff, including RPTs, general plot information, etc...

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June / July Newsletter

Post by Icarus » Tue Jul 07, 2015 8:42 pm

Thank you to Rishte for putting this together!!!

Welcome Summer! For some of us the Summer sun, heat and season is a blessing and for other’s, the bane of their existence. For this month’s newsletter I am feeling the impending maturity of harvest to be a theme. So with that, I am going to talk about not just what we have done, or are doing now, but in the spirit of harvest-futures, talk about what is in store for us, for you, and the game as a whole.

We’ve introduced quite a few things in the past couple of months; player-run shops and stalls, new subcrafts and craft-sets, updated a variety of $variable options and opened up some of those variables to include awesome new things like lambskin for example. You might have noticed frogs and river-mussels available as well as river-pearls. Behind the curtain we have been toiling like fiends to give you folks all the tools you need to have a viable, tangible ecosystem all your own.

What else have we done for the game recently? Check out Help Consent for an update to our Consent Policies. We’ve also implemented a Master Craft policy as well to help everyone help us make this world even more awesome! We have some more information brewing that we’ll share with you soon as well in terms of policies and documentation.

So let’s talk about the horizon and what looms there in the distance. Soon those of you brave enough to travel the roadways or the river-barges will have the ability to visit other ports and road-stops along the way such as Georgsholt, Highbridge, Aldoth and more. There will be dangers! There will be risks! Will it be worth it? Oh yes, it will. There will be goods, supplies, and fun on the other side of that road or river that you’re not going to find in Utterby. Soon you’re going to see crafts like gambling, smuggling and thievery in-game, the latter two probably more suitable for Laketown due to Utterby’s utterly small population and really, smuggling is totes Laketown’s thing, am I right?!

You want to Farm? I got farming for you. Honey Hills Farms has opened up fully and is looking for the cream of the crop to tend their carrot-tops. Expect a boat-load of new farming crafts to bloom into your abilities in the very near future. Are you an orc? Fret not my lovelies, I got farming for you too. Ever want to know what cave-sow milk tastes like? You soon will. Get ready to milk, breed and feed your cave-boars and sows.

What about these pearls and gemstones you may have seen in-game? Oh yes, you’re going to have a chance to scout out and mine your very own gemstones. But what will you do with them? Fear not! We have some epic new additions to jewelry subcrafts coming in to delight the masses. This also includes $metaltype, $castmetal and $softmetal veins out there in the wilds so you –can- mine your own ore. Think of the possibilities with that! Will these veins be dominated by one Sphere over the other? Nope. We’re ensuring it is fully balanced and fair-game for all who want to brave the Mirkwood.

Dude, what is up with the smells around my Sphere all of a sudden? Welcome to the wonderful world of scent-code! You can wash it off. Seek out your local soap-maker for assistance in not smelling like whatever it is the room was set to smell like. Whatever gets on you is not permanent from these rooms. They do fade with time but if you want quick results to not smell gross, lather up your soap and get to scrubbing. Fear not, orcs. I got some soaps for you! Expect more additions to scent-ifications such as temporary scents during crafting, wearable perfumes, and the glory of seasons!

What about other crafts?! Be prepared for some epic additions to the Orc Sphere in a variety of stuff, we are going to be showing you guys so much love you’re not going to know what to do! Also jump for joy! If you have Education – expect some crafts to not just make books, journals and supplies but also –books- to use which will make use of the Library! Other craftsets are going to be getting lots of love: brewing, medicine, gardening, hunting, foraging and more! Expect a lot of updates and announcements made for these in the coming weeks!

Want about plots? Oh, wouldn’t you like to know! I can tell you there is –a lot- going on right now in game with little plots here and there and some that tie into one another for both Spheres. I can also give you some delicious teasing morsels of upcoming things. Check out Utterby’s local gossipers for news on a 2 day event for the Sphere! Fear not, Orc side, we have in turn a festival of sorts planned for you too so check the forums regularly for updates.

There is a lot in store for you and we want to say THANK YOU for all of you folks being super patient as well as say thank you for those moments we see you super excited over something we’ve done. There are few things as gratifying and exciting for us and the top of that Mountain is when you lot notice our hard work and enjoy it. Also, don’t forget to vote for us!
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