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New Support Portal

Post by Nimrod » Sat Oct 10, 2015 8:37 pm

We will be disabling the osTicket system in two weeks. We're moving to a much simpler support system provided by ZenDesk. This new system has been extensively tested by staff and several players. You won't have to log in to a system to make your posts any longer. Instead you'll simply send us an email and the new ZenDesk System will create the tickets and staff will be able to respond to you in several different ways. The system will be completely invisible to players while still providing us the power we need to collaborate on support issues and keep a log of what's going on.

For now you can send support requests to the following email addresses:

hello (at)
support (at)
playerreports (at)

The system integrates directly with our email provider and has been tested with all email systems, even hotmail and it works flawlessly.

We'll be updating our documentation over the next few weeks and also putting a notice up on our existing support system to use these new email addresses. If there is data in our existing support system that you need, please copy it to your own computers over the next two weeks, as all the data will eventually be wiped clean.

So, beginning right now, please use these email addresses when you need support. We'll be adding additional email addresses for private issues and a few others soon.


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Re: New Support Portal

Post by Rishte » Sun Nov 15, 2015 9:34 pm

For some help, please read this wiki: Here

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