Bzzzzz! Its buzzy up in here!

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Bzzzzz! Its buzzy up in here!

Post by Rishte » Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:20 am

Honey Hills Farms is Hiring!

Are you able bodied? Scrawny but want to build that hulk-smash bulk? Enjoy the aromatic perfume of goats? The quack of chickens? The rhythmic pull of a butter churn? Like dipping candles or smelling like fresh-made soap? Maybe you just really want to pick carrots or fruit all-day, every-appropriate-season?


This is for -you-.


Come join the Honey Hills Farms! Do so by inquiring ICly by checking out your local in-game gossip mongers or hit up staff via to roll up a new character already fresh-farmed for the clan.

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