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Tax Collector

Post by Nimrod » Thu Jul 27, 2017 12:24 pm

We're offering a new type of role for the game. This is a role assigned by application only, open to existing and new characters. If you are currently in game and wish to apply, please include a brief description of your reasoning for your character to make this move. No matter if it's an in-game character or new character, please give a short listing of how you see your character handling the job.

Recommended skills: education, literacy, writing scripts and a general knowledge of numbers. These are not required and can be obtained in-game if needed.

RPP required: 2

What does this role entail? You will be working directly with other player characters, as well as staff to collect taxes from both npc businesses and pc-run businesses on a semi-annual basis. You will be expected to examine the books of businesses and determine taxes owed to the Artisan's Union.

This character will hold a significant amount of power and have the coin to back him up. You will live a fairly lavish lifestyle and be expected to refrain from a life of combat or dangerous adventures. Instead you will deal with all types of folks in town, from the lowest of the low, to the richest of the rich.

Further instruction will be disclosed to qualified applicants via email.

email applications to

Please limit application length to 500 words.
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