Rules for Vadok Apps

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Rules for Vadok Apps

Post by Pallando » Sat Jun 07, 2014 7:52 pm

Hi folks!

In order to help guide your applications a little better and streamline the approval process on our end, we'll be putting down some basic rules for orc applications so everyone is on the same page moving forward.

As always, thank you for your understanding.


- No white skin
- Allowed skin colors: blues, greens, dark yellows, purples, blacks, browns
- No limb deformities such as three arms, three eyes etc
- No overtly dyed or colored hair beyond natural colors
- No eyes that scream with ferocity or convey foreboding
- No fluorescent or unnaturally colored eyes
- No upper tusks
- No hulking mammoth orcs (even the biggest orcs are still smaller than humans)
- White hair is fine
- Scraggly beards are fine


- All PCs need to be at least 18

General Background

All characters should include:

- History
- How they came by their skills
- Previous life-changing experiences
- Previous wearbands if any
- Ambitions

Background Location

- All Vadok orcs will hail from tribes outside of the immediate area, and should not come from any of the 5 tribes listed here (for now): ... ?f=5&t=646 i.e. no orcs should come from Gijakpis Vras, Shunned Moon Slaves, the Wolf Brothers, Splintered Tusk, or Yellow Eye

- Players are free to describe and utilize ideas for their own far-away tribes, most likely to be from the Misty Mountains
- No orcs from Mordor


- No Khuzdul, Sindarin, or written skills
- Ensure skills are referred to in the background
- Any first-aid or medicine must be clearly outlined and explained. Why does this orc have these skills?
- Picks for longblade also require a pick in either polearm or bludgeon
- Picks for dual-wield need to include sole-wield

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