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Helping RPAs

Post by Nimrod » Sat Jun 07, 2014 9:10 pm

The new 'set status' command allows you to really help out staff when you're playing. The status does not save over logoffs or reboots, so you do have to set it each time you log in.

Max length is 20 characters. We would like to encourage our players to use this for communicating in an ooc manner to staff. It's a really good way to get animations done and minor staff-required assistance.

It's also a good way for us to determine if you want roleplay attention while on a patrol or just sitting around. Some of the status messages that we would like to see would be:

On patrol hmwybs (Hit Me With Your Best Shot)
Need help
Busy, dnd - (Do Not Disturb)
Crafting, dnd
About to kill Krelm
Help with broken item
Dont kill me

The dnd status does not mean that we will not ignore you. In fact we're more likely to come by and take a peek. What it does mean is that you'd prefer to play without any admin echoes or intervention if it's appropriate.

HMWYBS - Does not guarantee action, but it does let us know you're willing to take what we dish out.

The 'dont kill me' status tells us you wouldn't mind a bit of action, but prefer something a bit more tame.

Lastly, no message you put on your status message will keep admins from doing what is required in any given situation. Nor does it guarantee admin attention. It is simply a way for you to let staff know what you're thinking.

Please use this command often.
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