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Time Machine

Post by Nimrod » Sun Jun 08, 2014 1:51 am

I have to say... the last two days have been like stepping into a time machine back to the days of old. We consistently have 20 players online, things are chugging along very smoothly and the roleplay is utterly amazing.

The quality of play thusfar is absolutely nothing like I thought we'd see for Alpha. I really thought we'd be crashing every ten minutes, folks running around like banshees testing this and that, but we've really just slipped into the groove and you've all hit the ground running.

I must say, I'm extremely impressed with you all. Well... except for Krelm.

I'm hopefully optimistic for the opening of Utterby tonight. If it went half as well as it did for the orcs, it'll be a rousing success.

Some amazing and fun rp on the barge, btw. I thought Frigga was crazy when she said to load you all on a barge, but it's been very good so far.

It's like we never shut down. 8-)
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