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Trash Weaponcrafting

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Trash Weaponcrafting

Postby Icarus » Sun Jun 15, 2014 4:02 pm

Along with the armor revamp comes some welcome news. We have opened up trash weapons, which are technically not that bad, but these are your newbie weapons IG. They come in a fairly diverse set, and are both available in Chargen and as opening crafts for all weaponcrafters.

Subcraft: rough-knife-blade Command: forge
Subcraft: rough-shortsword-blade Command: forge
Subcraft: rough-longsword-blade Command: forge
Subcraft: rough-greatsword-blade Command: forge
Subcraft: rough-hand-axe-head Command: forge
Subcraft: rough-great-axe-head Command: forge
Subcraft: rough-axe-head Command: forge
Subcraft: rough-spear-head Command: forge
Subcraft: rough-pike-head Command: forge
Subcraft: rough-mace-head Command: forge
Subcraft: rough-maul-head Command: forge
Subcraft: rough-head-weapon Command: assemble
Subcraft: rough-blade-weapon Command: assemble

We hope you will enjoy these weapons! Huge kudos to our guest builder Tiamat for assisting me with the final push to get these craftable.
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