Craft Timers & You

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Craft Timers & You

Post by Icarus » Mon Jun 16, 2014 8:42 am

We have revamped craft timers from both Atonement, Parallel, and the old SOI engine.

The behavior of the craft timer now follows the following rules:
Each player has a time bank of 24 hours.
Utilizing a craft eats into that time bank.
A player may not use more than their allotted time bank.
As long as a player still have time remaining, they may craft timered crafts.

Twinks have long sat in their craftroom waiting for their timers to expire. No longer! Instead, both the twink, regular player, and casual player can craft effectively in "batches" that one might represent ICly as a longer period of time. I could log in on Monday, do 24hrs worth of timer crafting, and not have to worry about Tuesday logging in. Or I could hop in, do my crafting for my clan, and get back to RL without spending hours on the port.

We are testing this out, and seeing how it does in the environment. We won't be changing it initially, mind you, but we may adjust certain things as we find them.
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Re: Craft Timers & You

Post by Nimrod » Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:27 pm

Currently the timer is set to 48 hours, but I've screwed that down to 24 hours. It'll go live on my next commit, rebuild and reboot. So for now, feel free to craft up to the max, but be warned, when the change gets put in you're going to have to wait until your activity timer is below 24 hours to craft again.

You'll get a notification when you drop below the max. I know, it's slightly buggy in that it sometimes sends you four notifications in a row, but it's better than getting nothing at all and I'm not going to store a notification tag on each character just to keep track.

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