my first 24 hours (or, how i wish I could play)

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my first 24 hours (or, how i wish I could play)

Post by Mannfreid » Tue Jun 24, 2014 1:35 pm

So I go to the GL and find out what is needed in the human sphere. I make a human, get off the boat, find the tavern. I think I'm lucky, I find someone in the clan I want to join (the guard) And I go join. Immediately spar, naturally, and get a serious injury.

Now I'm NOT complaining about ANY of that. I'm fine with getting messed up in training. I'm fine with broken bones, concussions, or whatever.

My complaint is that every 30-45 seconds I'm spammed with falling. Even if I'm sitting, or laying down, I'm spammed with stumbled, and room spinning, and so on. My guy got hurt yesterday morning, about 24 hours ago. he's been treated at least 4 times that I can remember off the top of my head. And his life is starting to come back, he's back to 5 stars even.

But I still can't play. because I'm still being spammed. I can't even WALK. I could understand the spam if they hadn't of been treated yet, or even if it was that first IG day.

But seriously, for playabilities sake, this is ridiculous. I've played your game for like a day,and most of it is me being ignored in a room, as I spam people around me.

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Re: my first 24 hours (or, how i wish I could play)

Post by Icarus » Tue Jun 24, 2014 1:52 pm

You had a fractured skull, which is a pretty rare injury! You had a really brutal concussion.

Wear your helmet! I fixed you though.
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