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Post by Songweaver » Tue Feb 17, 2015 3:50 pm

A) Does Brawling, meaning fighting without a weapon, utilize Sole-Wield, Dual-Wield, or does it get a bonus vs neither of those skills?

B) If it doesn't relate to Sole-Wield or Dual-Wield, does that mean that (assuming you don't have those skills, and just brawling), fighting unarmed vs an armed opponent with Sole-Wield or Dual-Wield will always put you at a significant disadvantage?

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Re: Brawling

Post by Grommit » Wed Feb 18, 2015 7:55 pm

A) Brawling uses neither skill.

B) When you are brawling vs an armed opponent, your Offense score is used in lieu of your style score.

C stands for Corollary) Therefore yes, good eye finding a malus for the poor wargies. They have other perks, of course. Significant is a relative term, since the gap between style skills is capped within certain limits. If this is a problem in practice, one workaround would be to give Wargs the style skills at a medium-high level. However, NPC wargs suffer the same issue, and they're still scary. Ultimately the balancing is about whether the end result is as tough as desired and there are no unreasonable exploits, yeah? If point C isn't why you were asking, then ignore me. If I did guess sort of correctly, then I will be happy to provide technical consultation per Senior Staff's review of what is permitted to be shared to help guide the discussion for how this might be addressed.

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