Undisclosed punishments

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Undisclosed punishments

Post by Cola » Fri Jun 05, 2015 6:13 pm

Icarus has informed me I'm asking questions in the wrong forum. I hope this is the correct one.

I have heard rumors that staff are 'freezing' character skill increases without the knowledge of the players controlling the character. I don't see how punishing players like this serves any purpose. If players are not even aware they are being punished, let alone what infraction staff accuse them of making, the only purpose I can perceive is the sadistic entertainment of staff. I sincerely hope this isn't the case.

So an inquiry:

1. Since opening alpha testing, approximately how many times has staff "punished" players by setting one or more of their skills to "no gain" without informing the player?

2. Has staff ever punished or even warned any player (either with or without their knowledge) for excessively looking at their "skills" list?
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Re: Undisclosed punishments

Post by Icarus » Fri Jun 05, 2015 7:00 pm

1. Two or three times? These have never been applied for more than 3 RL days, and only in the cases of the most blatent powergaming.

2. No. We don't give a damn.

I'll note that providing this information is a courtesy. I'm personally not sure why you think you should be privy to that sort of info.
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Re: Undisclosed punishments

Post by Frigga » Wed Jun 10, 2015 5:59 pm

1. Honestly, a lot of the time assumptions that staff have interfered with one's skill/craft gains are simply nature coded restrictions. Which, might be annoying, but are indeed intentional but not indicative of a punishment, secret or otherwise.

Most often when players inquire if they have been "nogained" the fact is that they have hit the skill maximum for their character as determined by their stats. IE that they have hit a hardcoded limit with no staff interference or effort.

Or - they are judging whether they have been "nogained" based on whether or not they have branched new crafts lately. Which:

A - They might have branched all the currently built crafts for that craftset.

B - They are only utilizing crafts at their current level, and not "testing" themselves by using (and yes, risking failing) crafts higher than their present skill.

So, as noted we've actually "nogained" people a very limited amount of times. I have changed room features like room flags to prevent questionable behavior, but - that was equally applied to all people and was across the board change. Same as some crafting updates to prevent easy abuse.

2 - I'm honestly not even sure how I'd check if someone is using the "Skills" command a lot. It doesn't tally it up on one's account/player profile anywhere. And what commands people are entering doesn't echo to admins unless people are being snooped. Which - I don't tend to snoop people a lot unless it's to keep track of the RP in more than one room during an RPT/big roleplay thing. So - I'd have to search through logs to figure that out, and honestly, I really have more interesting things to do.

People are indeed free to be concerned with their skills and to check them as often as they like, as long as they are otherwise following the rules. IE - not "botting" by using triggers/aliases/other automatic setups to test skills/use crafts when they are not "active" for roleplay or interaction otherwise with other players, staff, or the world.

I usually deduce if someone is "botting" by whether they keep repeating the same command without break, don't in any way interact with others who walk by even when directly addressed, and perhaps most key - if I query with a tell to them to say - hey, what's up, they don't respond.

Because if you drop link or go AFK you wouldn't still be actively entering commands. ;)

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