Undisclosed punishments

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Undisclosed punishments

Post by Cola » Fri Jun 05, 2015 8:40 pm

In the previous thread in this forum you made the statement "I'm personally not sure why you think you should be privy to that sort of info."

Unfortunately, one is not allowed to respond within the same thread, so I'll explain in a new one.

There is a saying among people who live in democratic communities. It takes many forms but all go along these lines: an injustice against one is an injustice against all.

So what is the point of imposing a punishment on players without the player's knowledge? How can these players learn from the experience if they are not even sure if they are being punished? How can they object if they feel their punishment is being unfairly applied? (You just reminded us that staff can occasionally act irrationally and arbitrarily.) Is this sadistic pleasure targeted on someone you consider an outrageous twink? Or is this a kind of mass intimidation: "watch yourselves, because we can act arbitrarily and secretly against anyone at any time"?

Let me remind you that taking sadistic pleasure from someone without their consent is at best unethical, and at worst, criminal. You can pretend that SoI is your little dictatorship, but that dictatorship is embedded in a broader democratic culture where certain behaviors are unexpected, unwelcome, and uncalled for.

The more you try to explain why a detailed, comprehensive and public set of guidelines for everyone to follow is unnecessary, the more you convince me that it actually is an imperative.
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Re: Undisclosed punishments

Post by Nimrod » Tue Jun 09, 2015 9:21 am

An excellent post, Cola. Thank you. No, I'm not being sarcastic, I'm truly thankful for the logical position you've taken and the fact that you've taken the time to point it out.

Personally I have never no-gained anyone. Never. If I am correcting someone, I normally do it face to face and bluntly let them know that they're doing something twinkish. Usually this works out just fine and the player goes on their way and I on mine, both happy as larks.

Unfortunately there are a few players that refuse to respond to gentle nudging and the situation escalates to the point where we have to completely ban the player. This has only happened once in the last year that I'm aware of and I was the one that banned the player after weeks of trying to work with them. Frigga and Icarus will both tell you that I spent way too much time trying to help this player and in the end, their predictions turned out to be true.

Our staffers don't run around applying no-gains on players for the fun of it. When they do apply them, it's after getting Elder Staff Approval and the player's file is thoroughly documented. (Remember we're going to eventually open up your pfiles so you can read all the notes we put on your file. I think I'll push that to the top of my list.)

I agree with you though. Applying a no-gain to someone without telling them is uber mean and accomplishes absolutely nothing. I will make sure that informing the player from now on is required on all modifications of this type.


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