Marriage, Rites, Old Ways.

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Marriage, Rites, Old Ways.

Post by tehkory » Thu Dec 17, 2015 3:08 pm

Is there any intent to bring: ... h-ADULTERY:

in line with: ... ree+People ... nd+the+New

Asked another way, is there going to be implementation of anything similar to this for marriage/culture:[quote=Rishte]This is why we ask License holders to let us know what they sell PC to PC so we can track things and like stated in the docs, not all bad comes. Plots might open up for the skeevies working life into a blackmarket.[/quote]

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Re: Marriage, Rites, Old Ways.

Post by Frigga » Thu Dec 17, 2015 3:55 pm

The second set of links there, yes, need to be brought into context with newer infos.

The idea of the "Rights of Free People" is at this time, a historic document about Rhovanion culture in the ages before the Fall of Dale. It needs a bit more context within that framework.

If you mean should players report naughty things their PC is up to romantically?

Sure, if someone is looking for a realistic social (IE, vNPC/NPC) response, it's certainly the behavior of a good RPP minded player. Send in a report (uh, minus unneeded details, thanks!) But officially staff no longer seek open investigation into such things unless they become such an open publicly known issue to warrant such a reaction.

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