CODE-HEAVY QUESTION: Does armor stacking matter?

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CODE-HEAVY QUESTION: Does armor stacking matter?

Post by tehkory » Fri Jan 08, 2016 5:11 pm

Forward: Apologies, but I'm asking these questions as a member of what Nimrod calls a 'permanent alpha,' and what is currently a definite beta. Two out of the three questions are--from what Staff have already told me--things I am probably directing to him alone, though my third question is certainly one I can ask of all Staff.

Probably not of any use for the average current Admin, from what I understand, but there's been some heavy changes since Atonement/Parallel to a particular part of the code: armor.

See here for how it used to work, but I'll quote it as well:
You cannot wear two items that offer “primary” protection to the same location: if an item offers primary protection, it is too bulky to wear something else over or in conjunction with. However, you can wear any number of items that offer “partial” protection to the same location. This can lead to the “layering” of armour.
It's a little complicated, but in a nutshell, your best piece of armour for this particular attack is nominated as the primary armour, and a portion of the second-best piece of armour's Armour Class is also contributed to defer the damage. In general, the effect basically upgrades your armour protection by one quality - your poor-quality hauberk instead acts as an ordinary-quality hauberk for the blow, but it depends greatly on the exact nature of the damage.
Nowadays, you can stack primary coverage, and it seems that there's all sorts of armors with different levels of coverage, and I'm having a hard time grokking it, but I'm trying. In particular this was a considered -huge- bug during Atonement's Alpha, one that allowed players to easily reach very high levels of skillgain due to the code being balanced(originally, and after as well) only one level of primary coverage and one level of partial coverage.

Here's how it used to work:

Code: Select all

   It is a wrap of thick, navy blue mesh.

   It will cover the eyes, and partially cover the head. 

You wear a wrap of thick, navy blue mesh on your face. 

wear mesh throat
You cannot wear a wrap of thick, night black mesh, as a wrap of thick, 
navy blue mesh already covers that spot. 

Here's how it works now:

Code: Select all

exam gamb
   It is a leather gambeson.

   It will cover the torso, upper-arms, neck and lower-arms, 
and partially cover the upper-legs. 

exam 2.gamb
   It is a gambeson of oiled leather.

   It will cover the torso, upper-arms, neck and lower-arms, 
and partially cover the upper-legs. 

<worn on body>           a gambeson of oiled leather
<worn around the chest>  a leather gambeson
I understand that Staff are heading to a different type of game, or at least have said they'd like to. Trying to replace the veil that used to exist and for some seems to have faded away. If I can't get an answer on this, that's fine. But what I'd like to do is be able to have this information out there, so I can write a guide for and/or other combat players can understand how armor works again, so that they can make the correct, in-character decisions as to 'what works' and what their PC would understand.

With all that preamble, history, and blathering out of the way...onto my questions, which may be hard to answer for anyone besides Nimrod. Apologies for that, and all the rest of this, but here we are:

Now that you can stack multiple primary coverages, is there any benefit to it?
To what level of stacking primary coverages does this benefit reach, if so? Two? Three? Etc.?

And finally, separate from the others, and most important of all I'd say:
(sidenote: this question is asked with partial information, because I couldn't get my hands on for a direct use of the comparison command, but it still stands)
What's the general rhyme or reason behind coverages as an Admin/builder philosophy? Is it an intentional choice that delicate suede offers 'more' protection than deer/toughened leather, ala cloaks? Or is that something I should be reporting as a bug?

Code: Select all

It is a long suede cloak.

   It will cover the torso, upper-legs, upper-arms, head and 

   It is a cloak of fur.

   It will partially cover the upper-legs, upper-arms, head, 
neck, lower-legs and lower-arms. 

ADDENDUM: All items have been edited to be completely generic, so don't worry there.

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Re: CODE-HEAVY QUESTION: Does armor stacking matter?

Post by Ceredir » Tue Apr 12, 2016 3:21 pm

Armor stacking does matter, to a small degree. The system has been redone and re-balanced last summer to address the issues you may remember from Atonement/Parallel.

Stacking two primary armors is in general slightly more effective than stacking a primary and a secondary. Stacking more than two pieces of primary armor on one body location has no further effects. I cannot even recall a situation that would allow you three primary armor pieces covering one location, but could be mistaken. It is worth noting that there are downsides to wearing too much armor, though, and many checks including those involved with attack and defense will be affected.

If you put on a chainmail shirt with a plate armor over it, you will be taking substantially less damage, but you will also be somewhat clumsier at many tasks including trying to get out of harm's way.

In other words, there is a coded backing to playing the nimble, lightly armored warrior ;)
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