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Post by Doublepalli » Mon Mar 14, 2016 7:50 am

Hello, I had a question regarding PVP. Despite there being 0 RPT's orc-side, there are still a number of orcs players, and even warg players. In game, it's about impossible to get a hand on a human, on the fact that you will be shot by a virtual force even if you're nowhere -near- the walls, and in the woodlands. If a human whistles, suddenly you're being filled with arrows from multiple directions when you're more than 2 coded rooms away from the city, in the woodlands, outside of no-hide rooms? That doesn't seem realistic. I've also never seen this on behalf of orc sphere, because there has been plenty of folks who have shadowed the mountain from a distance and haven't been loaded up with arrows, despite having an archers den.

So my question - if they never leave, what is orc sphere supposed to do?
- if they leave, but are protected by the all seeing eye even within wilderness marked rooms, how are we supposed to pvp?
- Orc sphere has a lower pbase, but one none the less. People come and go because there is no RPTs, because we can't do jack squat to the human sphere with all the handicaps. Are you just going to close orc sphere or do you have plans for it?

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Post by Frigga » Wed Mar 16, 2016 4:52 pm

Unfortunately, no, the coded archers aren't really perfect, and they tend to be a bit overzealous. So their behavior isn't really realistic.

However, it's never really been an intention (in my imagination at least) on either side for folks to go to the front gates of either area and just camp waiting for someone to walk out to PvP them. Which is really the purpose of the archers in addition to showing vNPC presence, even if they do that a bit poorly.

People leave town and aren't protected by this all seeing eye everywhere, if they were, they wouldn't fairly regularly die to animals of the forest while hunting/foraging/exploring. So humans are indeed out there and walking around - sometimes in groups, sometimes alone at various times of day.

So people are out there, you just need to go look for them. Can you burn down/destroy the human sphere? Well, as fun as that would be, that's likely not feasible. Which it never really has been save for big sphere-ending events. So will that happen in the future when Laketown is more on the horizon? Who knows. But not right now.

But can you find individual people or groups out milling about for PvP? Certainly, they are out there.

What would I recommend?

- Start paying attention to the rooms people seem to visit, look for tracks, signs of crafting/hunting done in rooms. Treat hunting people like you would any other animal, figure out their habits.

- Use the Warcraft system and establish some Orc forts as a designated area the tarks are likely to check out/attack and plan on finding them there.

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