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Post by Patty » Thu Apr 27, 2017 9:11 am

Are there any public short/long term goals? I know staff time and numbers are limited, but just curious.
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Re: Goals

Post by Rishte » Thu Apr 27, 2017 10:16 am


We each have our own menagerie of goals. Here are but a few things we are working on as a team to get made live for the fun of players:

- Open Laketown.
- Open the Citadel.
- Travel. There are roughly 15-16 outposts, one recently added and still underway. Click the link and you can get an idea of where/what/how long such travel would cost you time-wise. You can see some more information in Help Traveling. Note: Right now travel outposts are built for Human Sphere. There will be some for Orcs where you can travel to an object which you can attempt to raid, failure could mean death.
- Automated Rentals. This is a project not just for apartments/tenements but also for License-required stalls and shops.
- Automated Licensing. An easier mode of getting Licenses for stalls. Shop Licenses will still likely require PC to PC action.
- Dunadan documentation.
- Hobbit documentation.
- Daleman documentation is ready, just awaiting push.
- Boats.
- Wagons.
- Weapon and armor overhaul, some has already happened, some is still yet underway. As some of you know we have a plethora of variables and when there are too many variables on any given object, it can make the object unstable as well as hurt our brains when we have to reload it. So we are individualizing weapons and armor pieces so that one object is not 2 or more different objects. This was already done for swords.
- Silvan elf documentation.
- Blue Mountain dwarrow documentation is ready, just awaiting push.
- Conception/Procreation is underway, this automates breeding. I believe it is nearly complete. You can find out more with Help Procreate and Help Pregnancy.
- More crafts.
- Sing function, similar to Say or Shout but would check against a PC's musical skill.
- Remodeling Orc Sphere room-wise.

This is but a taste of things we have on our plate, there is much more that we have up our sleeves. We are few in numbers but we are all active and contributing towards our individual and mutual goals.

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