Crafting inquiry on customization

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Crafting inquiry on customization

Post by Mithrandur » Fri May 16, 2014 8:15 pm

As the subject states, I've a bit of a question as far as customizing items and such goes once the game is live.

Will there be any form of custom items permitted in the game, such as items made through RP that are then loaded in as a unique instance (as in say a unique ring and only one ring with that specific design to be loaded in the game)?

And before anyone starts thinking this would lead to the same armor creep that happened in the old SoI, if there -is- any item customization on anything I feel that it should be entirely cosmetic, so no super-powered dwarf/elf armor and weapons made of blue/smokey steel being handed out left and right.

So, would this be something that possible, or even feasible? Or would it simply be easier to simply add on to the crafting code ('forge custom-long-blade' as an example) Which would then require blueprints in addition to other materials which would in turn allow different tradesmen to develop their own brand so to speak. Two different weapon shops could put out the entire same line of weapons but each would aesthetically be different from each other all the while using the exact same craft.

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Re: Crafting inquiry on customization

Post by Nimrod » Fri May 16, 2014 9:25 pm

Good question. We're going to try to avoid unique items for Alpha. By unique, I mean single items that will never be duplicated. We ARE, however, working on a way for artisans to add a bit of flair to items in much the same manner as the current artistry code works. We're also looking at allowing high-level crafters the ability to mark their work such that anyone down the road can identify who made it, etc...

You're right on target when you say 'cosmetic only' as well. Staff have great powers to modify specific instances of items if they wish. i.e. you take a terrific blow to the helm and the admin thinks it needs a dent. They can put one there so your object is utterly unique.

Like I said though, we're going to be concentrating on the basics for Alpha, so don't expect any of this much before we migrate to Laketown. There will already be a LOT of uniqueness in all the items we load for players, so you're not going to see the same set of rough leggings over and over.
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