Craft lists?

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Craft lists?

Post by WorkerDrone » Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:11 pm

Hey, pretty sure there's been an inquiry before but I wasn't 100% sure on the definites. Was a list of crafts ever going to be shared, or was it put on hold because many were still being added and until launch, no one was sure what was going to make it into the game?

With Octavius no longer actively on the team, I figured he'd have compiled something like that, but now I guess anyone could have the answer. I'm interested in seeing something like that but understand if it'll remain a "find out IG" type of thing. It just means you can't see any of the neat things without having had a character with that craft skill.

On a related note, if a craft list is being compiled, adding it to the wiki would be tip top.
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Re: Craft lists?

Post by Icarus » Fri Jun 06, 2014 5:46 am

I'll have someone post one up
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Re: Craft lists?

Post by Meneldor » Fri Jun 06, 2014 7:46 am

This should help.

armoring sew leather-coif
armoring sew leather-gambeson
armoring sew leather-gloves
armoring sew leather-leggings
armoring sew rawhide-gambeson
armoring sew rawhide-gloves
armoring sew rawhide-hood
armoring sew rawhide-leggings
basic-jewelry cut shield-trinkets
basic-metal-weaponcraft build basic-bludgeon
basic-metal-weaponcraft build basic-finished-axe
basic-metal-weaponcraft build basic-short-spear
basic-metal-weaponcraft build basic-small-blade
basic-metal-weaponcraft build basic-spear
basic-metal-weaponcraft build basic-sword
basic-metal-weaponcraft cast basic-bludgeon-head
basic-metal-weaponcraft disassemble basic-complete-axe
basic-metal-weaponcraft disassemble basic-complete-bludgeon
basic-metal-weaponcraft disassemble basic-complete-knife
basic-metal-weaponcraft disassemble basic-complete-sword
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-arming-sword
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-axe
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-battleaxe
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-custom-axe
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-custom-knife
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-custom-spear
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-custom-sword
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-dagger
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-handspike
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-knife
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-leaf-headed-spear
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-longknife
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-pointed-spear
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-saber
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-serrated-spear
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-serrated-sword
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-stiletto
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-triangular-headed-spear
basic-metal-weaponcraft forge basic-wood-axe
basic-metal-weaponcraft make basic-knife-hilt
basic-metal-weaponcraft make simple-sword-hilt
basic-metal-weaponcraft sharpen dull-blade
blacksmithing construct awl
blacksmithing construct blacksmith-hammer
blacksmithing construct carpenter-hammer
blacksmithing construct farming-hoe
blacksmithing construct mining-pick
blacksmithing construct scythe
blacksmithing construct shovel
blacksmithing construct utility-knife
blacksmithing forge awl-needles
blacksmithing forge baking-sheet
blacksmithing forge blacksmith-tongs
blacksmithing forge buckles
blacksmithing forge cobbler-nails
blacksmithing forge cooking-pot
blacksmithing forge fishing-hooks
blacksmithing forge grate
blacksmithing forge hammer-head
blacksmithing forge hoe-head
blacksmithing forge manacles
blacksmithing forge metal-bands
blacksmithing forge metal-hinges
blacksmithing forge metal-lantern
blacksmithing forge metal-tankard
blacksmithing forge nails
blacksmithing forge pick-head
blacksmithing forge scythe-head
blacksmithing forge sewing-needles
blacksmithing forge shovel-head
blacksmithing forge skillet
blacksmithing forge utility-knife-blade
brewing add yeast-to-ale
brewing add yeast-to-small-ale
brewing brew mead
brewing crush barley-into-malt
brewing distill bloodswill
brewing distill rotgut
brewing drain light-ale-wort
brewing drain small-ale-wort
brewing dry soaked-barley
brewing ferment mushroom-yeast-water
brewing make yeast-water
brewing roast light-barley-malt
brewing soak light-malt
brewing soak used-light-malt
brewing soak whole-barley
butchering drain blood
butchery gut plucked-gamebird
cloth-armoring sew cloth-coif
cloth-armoring sew cloth-gambeson
cloth-armoring sew cloth-gloves
cloth-armoring sew cloth-leggings
cobbling cut leather-boot-upper
cobbling cut leather-heel
cobbling cut leather-sole
cobbling cut leather-vamp
cobbling make simple-boot
cobbling make simple-sandal
cobbling make simple-shoe
cooking boil bland-gamebird
cooking boil bland-greens
cooking grill plain-fish-fillet
cooking roast plain-gamebird
cooking roast plain-meat
cooking roast tasty-nuts
coopering assemble wooden-water-barrel
coopering carve barrel-staves
coopering cut barrel-caps
first-aid sterilize bandages
first-aid sterilize mass-bandages
fishing assemble simple-pole
fishing cast pole-line
fletching build metal-tipped-bolt
fletching build metal-tipped-longarrow
fletching build metal-tipped-shortarrow
fletching cast bodkin-arrowhead
fletching cast broadhead-arrowhead
fletching cast simple-arrowhead
fletching finish orcish-arrowhead
fletching finish sharpened-arrowhead
fletching finish straightened-shaft
fletching make plain-arrow-shaft
foraging gather cave-mushrooms
foraging gather tree-berries
foraging gather tree-greens
foraging gather tree-nuts
foraging gather tree-seedfruit
foraging gather tree-stonefruit
foraging pick damson-plums
foraging scout berries-tree
foraging scout cave-mushroom-patch
foraging scout greens-tree
foraging scout nuts-tree
foraging scout seedfruit-tree
foraging scout stonefruit-tree
general assemble hook-and-line
general assemble stone-table-and-stools
general assemble wooden-table-and-chairs
general cut line-from-spool
general fill cauldron-with-water
general fill pot-with-water
general light hearth-fire
general make basic-torches
general open ale-barrel
general open barrel-into-kegs
general open sealed-stone-jar
general separate hooks-from-pile
general separate needles-from-pile
general tear cloth-bandages
general-cleaning clean dirty-mash-tun
general-cleaning clean used-stone-jar
general-cooking boil hot-water
general-cooking build oven-fire
general-cooking crack dried-nuts
general-cooking fill jar-with-blood
general-cooking grill blackened-fish-fillet
general-cooking gut unscaled-fish
general-cooking harvest barm
general-cooking hull raw-barley
general-cooking light stove-fire
general-cooking pluck gamebird-feathers
general-cooking pluck songbird-feathers
general-cooking refresh soaking-nuts
general-cooking roast burnt-meat
general-cooking roast raw-bat-carcass
general-cooking roast raw-songbird
general-cooking skim broth-pot
general-cooking soak nuts-in-water
general-outdoors build campfire
general-outdoors bundle firewood
general-outdoors cast line
general-outdoors collect dropwood
general-outdoors create crude-spit
general-outdoors dig shallow-grave
general-outdoors fill open-grave
general-outdoors gather bait
general-outdoors scout flexible-rod
hunting bait boar
hunting bait wolf
hunting build rabbit-snare
hunting flush buck
hunting flush cave-boar
hunting flush pheasant
leatherworking cut leather-laces
leatherworking cut leather-straps
leatherworking sew leather-bag
leatherworking sew leather-harness
leatherworking sew leather-pouch
leatherworking sew leather-quiver
leatherworking sew leather-satchel
leatherworking sew leather-sheath
leatherworking sew leather-waterskin
leatherworking sew simple-leather-belt
medicine prepare bandages-from-cloth
medicine prepare simple-aid-kit
mining mine limestone-blocks
orc-cooking roast rat-on-stick
orc-cooking roast whole-cave-boar
orc-cooking roast whole-cave-lizard
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft augment bludgeon-with-studs
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft build ordinary-bludgeon
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft build ordinary-finished-axe
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft build ordinary-shield
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft build ordinary-short-spear
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft build ordinary-small-blade
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft build ordinary-spear
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft build ordinary-sword
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft cast metal-pommel
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft cast ordinary-bludgeon-head
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft disassemble ordinary-complete-axe
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft disassemble ordinary-complete-bludgeon
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft disassemble ordinary-complete-knife
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft disassemble ordinary-complete-sword
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-arming-sword
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-axe
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-battleaxe
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-custom-axe
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-custom-knife
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-custom-spear
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-custom-sword
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-dagger
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-handspike
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-knife
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-leaf-headed-spear
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-longknife
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-pointed-spear
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-saber
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-serrated-spear
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-serrated-sword
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-stiletto
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-triangular-headed-spear
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge ordinary-wood-axe
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge shield-bands
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge shield-saw-teeth
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft forge weapon-banding
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft hone weapon-edge
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft make crossguard-knife-hilt
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft make long-sword-hilt
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft make short-sword-hilt
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft make two-hand-sword-hilt
ordinary-metal-weaponcraft planish unfinished-weapon-piece
stonecrafting chisel stone-cup
stonecrafting chisel stone-stool
stonecrafting chisel stone-table
stonecrafting construct stone-bench
stonecrafting construct stone-shelves
superior-metal-weaponcraft augment bludgeon-with-spikes
superior-metal-weaponcraft hone razor-edge
superior-metal-weaponcraft planish unmirrored-weapon-piece
tanning brine raw-small-pelt
tanning brine raw-large-pelt
tanning brine raw-medium-pelt
tanning scud brined-large-pelt
tanning scud brined-medium-pelt
tanning scud brined-small-pelt
tanning tan large-pelt
tanning tan medium-pelt
tanning tan small-pelt
woodcrafting carve long-tool-haft
woodcrafting carve short-tool-haft
woodcrafting carve wooden-cups
woodcrafting carve wooden-jar
woodcrafting carve wooden-tankard
woodcrafting construct wooden-bench
woodcrafting construct wooden-bin
woodcrafting construct wooden-chair
woodcrafting construct wooden-chest
woodcrafting construct wooden-shelf
woodcrafting construct wooden-table
woodcraft-timberwright cut block-from-log
woodcraft-timberwright cut plank-from-log
woodcraft-timberwright scout copse-for-sapling
woodcraft-timberwright scout copse-for-tree
wood-weaponcraft build basic-shield
wood-weaponcraft cut coffin-shield
wood-weaponcraft cut diamond-shield
wood-weaponcraft cut heater-shield
wood-weaponcraft cut kite-shield
wood-weaponcraft cut oval-shield
wood-weaponcraft cut round-shield
wood-weaponcraft cut square-shield
wood-weaponcraft cut wing-shaped-shield
wood-weaponcraft lathe balanced-spear-shaft
wood-weaponcraft make banded-spear-shaft
wood-weaponcraft make banded-staff
wood-weaponcraft make heartwood-pole
wood-weaponcraft make long-haft
wood-weaponcraft make plain-wood-haft
wood-weaponcraft make plain-wood-staff
wood-weaponcraft make practice-axe
wood-weaponcraft make practice-hammer
wood-weaponcraft make practice-knife
wood-weaponcraft make practice-spear
wood-weaponcraft make practice-sword
wood-weaponcraft make short-haft
wood-weaponcraft make sturdy-haft
wood-weaponcraft stretch leather-shield

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Re: Craft lists?

Post by Taurgalas » Fri Jun 06, 2014 8:45 am

With more being added every day! Big thanks to Olthadir and Pallando for their help on this!
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Re: Craft lists?

Post by Nimrod » Fri Jun 06, 2014 12:37 pm

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

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Re: Craft lists?

Post by Pallando » Sat Jun 07, 2014 7:58 pm

Taurgalas is being modest - she spearheaded a great deal of these, and continues to hold the crown for craft queen!

On a more awesome note, I had no idea we had so many crafts. That's cool!

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