Human Sphere: Hillsmen

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Human Sphere: Hillsmen

Post by Jeshin » Thu Jun 19, 2014 11:00 pm

Is the current IG Hillsmen tribe like a sub-sphere for the Humans? Just like the orcs that split?

Are you able to write up a bio claiming to be one of them and just go in without the other players already doing it approving it?

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Re: Human Sphere: Hillsmen

Post by Frigga » Fri Jun 20, 2014 6:44 pm

Per this: ... f=16&t=995

We are at present not accepting applications via chargen for this group or other special applications not covered by the general human role for Utterby.

Rules for said apps include:


- All PCs need to be at least 18.


In short, common sense for human appearances. :D

- No folks with all white hair below 50
- No strange eyes or eye colors (red, white, etc)
- No orcish or animalistic pointed teeth.

- Tattoos are acceptable but should have appropriate imagery and depth of skill for our culture, canon, and tech level. Tattoos would mostly be for men and on the chest/arms/legs - face tattoos are for the uncivilized and the orc and would be culturally shunned.


- PCs should come from a location in Rhovanion relatively near to Mirkwood.

This includes Laketown and the villages noted here: ... f=11&t=652

Other villages would likely be along the River Running or it's tributaries (including the Redwater that flows south out of the Iron Hills and is implied as the ancestral home of Gararic, Master of Utterby), along the trade road reaching from southern points heading towards Laketown, or near the eaves of Mirkwood if they are lumber based settlements like Utterby.


- No humans should be picking the Orcish, Wargish, Sindarin, or Khuzadul languages as skills.

- Chosen skills should have some mention directly or indirectly in their background. (Examples, I practiced with a sword - direct reference to them picking Longblade, my father was a Blacksmith - indirect reference to them picking Blacksmithing.)

- If you mention or infer skills in your background, you should pick them. No asking for them later. ;) While some things can be RPed and remain virtual without code or craft support, it becomes disingenuous for someone to want to roll in as say - a medic when they imply they should have First Aid but don't pick the skill because they wanted other things instead. :lol:

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