If you saw a series of unfriendly posts to someone

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If you saw a series of unfriendly posts to someone

Post by jimhabegger » Sat Jun 28, 2014 7:15 pm

If you saw a series of unfriendly and/or off topic posts to someone, what would you do?
1. Add some more of your own?
2. Ignore them?
3. Report them?
4. Try to defend that person?
5. Reproach the authors of those posts?
6. Post friendly responses to that person?
7. Send a sympathetic or encouraging PM to that person?

Depending on the circumstances, I might do #2, #3, #6 or #7, or some combination of them, but never #1, #4 or #5.

In all my experiences in Internet discussions, whenever I was getting unfriendly responses to my posts, it only made things worse to see other people arguing about it. What helped me was friendly responses from other people, elsewhere in the forums or in private.

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