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Client Configurations

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 4:28 pm
by MarsGrad
So I recently swapped over to Linux and had to find a new client as my old stand-by, MUSHclient, isn't supported without WINE. In the interest of not having to mess with that, I ended up trying out Potato, which, for the most part, I absolutely adore.


For the life of me, I can't get it to display the prompts properly here. It cuts them off and sticks them on top of the output when I put in a new command, ie. I won't see health or stamina at all, but if I 'look' at the room, it'll slap the prompt on above the room desc.

So I googled and trolled around for a solution without any success for awhile, before eventually deciding to see if anyone else uses Potato here, and if they've managed to get it to work properly. That said, I figured there's no need to be entirely selfish, so if anyone else uses any other clients and have them configured awesomely, or have some fancy (non-powergamey) scripts or plugins or what have you, and you want to share them, now you have a place to do so.

I searched the forums, so I don't think this is a repeat thread, but if it is... my bad!

Re: Client Configurations

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:18 am
by cfelch
I have no experience with potato, but it sounds to me like you are still getting the prompt, just the display info is suppressed.

Odds are, you just need to a trigger that will pull the info from the prompt and display it elsewhere (like a gauge).

Re: Client Configurations

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 10:05 am
by Ceredir
Don't know that particular client, but it sounds like a problem with GA support to me. Look in your settings for a toggle for GA (GOAHEAD) or EOR?

Re: Client Configurations

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 10:25 pm
by MarsGrad
I found the GA toggle you were talking about. Both checked and unchecked, though, it made no difference.

Re: Client Configurations

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2015 9:32 pm
by Holmes
I'd suggest simply using Mudlet.

Re: Client Configurations

Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2015 5:09 pm
by Eru
Anyone know of any browser-based clients? SOI used to have one but I can't seem to find any. It'd give me a chance to play at work :?

ETA: Nevermind, found quite a few after some more searching.