The glorious Twinking thread!

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Re: The glorious Twinking thread!

Post by Icarus » Thu May 14, 2015 8:49 pm

>_> nope, continue ze harassment.
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Re: The glorious Twinking thread!

Post by cfelch » Thu May 14, 2015 8:56 pm

Rather then a list of do nots...
I'd like see them get codeblocked (when applicable) so they don't have to be policed.
By all means inform us of what was fixed though.
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Re: The glorious Twinking thread!

Post by Cola » Sat May 16, 2015 9:29 am

I feel that creativity is being stifled at the moment. We want players to be creative, to do unexpected and clever things, to surprise us now and then. If we label every creative or innovative action a player comes up with as twinkish, we'll end up with a pretty damn boring game.

On some other thread I read that staff considered it 'twinkish' behavior to look at one's 'skills' list too often. I'm not sure if it was a joke or not. But looking at one's skills list-- presumably to see if a skill has improved-- does nothing to affect the game and other players experience. It shouldn't be something staff should be monitoring and using to label players twinks. I'd first like see some general guidelines that help us define what 'twinking' behavior is. For me they would exclude:

1. Actions that have no effect on the character or game-world.

2. Actions that are innovative and that are accompanied by emotes that make that clear. For example, Songweaver's combat tactic of emoting hiding and then setting up a second ambush bonus attack are innovative and accompanied by a reasonable emote to let others know what might be coming up. I do NOT see that as twinkish, and am loathe to undermine or harass creativity in others. IF staff see taking advantage of that tactic as disruptive to the game, it is their responsibility to change the code, or make it publicly clear to everyone not to do it: no secret punishments.

3. Occasional OOC-driven actions to help a player understand how the code works. This especially applies to new players: does "hide" work in town? It is much easier to just test it, rather than bombard staff with petitions on every such question. Players should not be punished for experimenting with code like this, because the alternative to get that information is too much of a burden on everyone. If staff notice someone doing something odd: they should ask the player (politely) what their intentions are.

I see higher up in the thread people taking the same situation (hiding while combat is going on) and seeing it in completely different ways: one says "it seems just ridiculous to do such a thing," another says "here's what I'm imaging when I do this, and it makes sense to me." Both people are imagining (creating) a real situation based on the very limited information that the scrolling text provides them. It shouldn't be at all surprising that different people come to different conclusions and there is usually no clear right or wrong answer in such a situation. Nevertheless, in such cases someone may need to make a ruling. Those making the ruling need to clearly state that both sides have completely legitimate points-of-view. Both are engaging with the game properly, and (as is often the case when a community of strangers get together to achieve a common goal) one side's completely legitimate view has to be compromised in order for the community to keep working towards that goal. Punishing one side or the other or calling them a 'twink' is completely inappropriate in such a situation.

So no secret punishments, no freezing skill gains without the knowledge of accused players, etc. You must let players know if they are being punished, notes of reprimand put in their files, etc. I would suggest even gossiping about player's actions (and intentions) on private staff channels is inappropriate. Ask the player what they intended, instead of speculating about it amongst staff. If that's going on, it should stop.
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Re: The glorious Twinking thread!

Post by Mavinero » Sat May 16, 2015 7:33 pm

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