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Current Races

Post by Knight26 » Thu Apr 23, 2015 11:27 pm

Hi all,

Just wanted to touch base around the current races that are available in the game and their rpp value?

If there is a page available can someone link me?

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Re: Current Races

Post by WorkerDrone » Thu Apr 23, 2015 11:38 pm

Humans are available at a whopping price of 0 RPP, with some variance in rolls. It takes essentially little prior knowledge of the race itself in order to adequately portray, but some knowledge of Tolkien lore is necessary to really take advantage of any of the roles. Takes more patience to play than most races, there's no immediate gratification to be had here.

Orcs are available at 0 RPP (I think, it was the last I checked, but there was some murmurings not that long ago from some spoil sports about it). Probably the more difficult race to play, by virtue of atmosphere in that sphere and by virtue of it being difficult to make a compelling character when you're almost encouraged to conform to a single arch-type. Some have managed to really do some creative things and bend the "rules" that bind you to the norm of this role, however.

Wargs are available on a trial basis. I have no idea how the trial is progressing. From my observations, the outlook is rather cynical at best (that is, my unbiased observations, based on statements by other players). Were they fully implemented, I believe the requisite RPP was 3+.

Elves are... hopefully available as wargs are currently, on a trial basis, or maybe it's just a special snowflake bonus. If that's a case, be a special snowflake. I have no idea of it's cost. Probably the most difficult race to portray. I encourage you to avoid this role. Unless you're a Tolkien scholar, in which case, you should still avoid it. :lol:


There's some staff announcements regarding races that have been made, but I don't think there's one wikipedia page or article up about what it takes or what's involved in playing any of the races. Some lore threads have been posted regarding wargs, orcs and humans, but they should be easy enough to find if you look for them. So far, the only way to play a trial race is to notify staff and arrange it that way.
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