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Re: Economics!

Post by Matt » Wed Feb 12, 2014 10:43 am

I really think SOI should take a page from PRPI because that was one thing that was done relatively well. We had those things that would pay out gang members on their 'turf'. But humans will have soldiers that will earn all the virtual coin. You set up luxury items to only be purchased with coin, the stuff you -can't- craft. All craftable items should be bought from PCs. You have a coin dump in the 'high end' luxury items. Your fancy cloth for making clothes, dyes, tools, gold/silver/gems for jewelry. Just fancy stuff. You don't want people to be able to buy things for combat that should all be crafted and collected. No iron ore for sale etc. If it's craftable you have to rely on PC crafters shops. This spurs a lot of roleplay and actually makes an economy feel kind of real. Want a purple suit? Talk to suzie the tailor. You just have to figure out that perfect zone of payday amount and amount of paydays versus price of luxury items. The economy will figure itself out after that. You could always change the prices of luxury items after the fact to get it where you want. NPC items cost goes up, PC shop costs go up.

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