Chargen skill assumptions

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Chargen skill assumptions

Postby Taurgalas » Thu May 15, 2014 5:08 pm

So I wanted to give people an unofficial head's up in regard to skill choices - since we have made some assumptions in the first round of craft creation that will only be transparent once Alpha is underway. Although the setting provides trees plentifully, humans are much more involved in tree - cutting than orcs are. Similarly, orcs may find the resources for stone carving more available than humans will. We have only set up very limited craft and skill restrictions, but based on your choice of race, you shouldn't be surprised which one may involve additional difficulties impeding ease of crafting. Tanning, similarly will be much easier for humans, but this doesn't prevent some orc - specific leathercrafting. As other potential chargen choice surprises related to skills occur, I may or may not post here.

This isn't intended to dissuade choices, just provide a certain transparency since all characters will be starting new.
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Re: Chargen skill assumptions

Postby Octavius » Fri May 16, 2014 9:15 am

Reposting here as it got buried in the Progress!! thread (posted April 21st).

Octavius wrote:
Tepes wrote:Also. Do we have a full list of skills for ALPHA, yet? Am interested in planning a PC for the soon. :o

The total list is still here and accurate.

For Alpha...

Initial Alpha will have basic-level skill options for most craftsets so we can get the game open. Then we'll begin adding more Ordinary-level skill options for people to branch into. Most Superior-level crafts are being deliberately held off for now to see how the lower levels work and allow us to wait to open that once things are balanced a bit and we've figured out some of our mechanisms for controlling item-creep.

We're holding off on Earthencraft, Vintnering (under brewing), Farming, and Gardening. They will not be available for initial open, but will come thereafter. Stonecraft will be viable initially (and through much of Alpha) for orcs but not humans. (It will be choosable by humans who want it specifically, and share some artistic-item support, but with stone being imported it is not a full-time trade for them.)
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Re: Chargen skill assumptions

Postby Octavius » Fri May 16, 2014 9:18 am

Also, don't neglect the staff announcements for details and changes...

Octavius wrote:We have reworked the relationships between attributes and skills. All attributes are important and the decision regarding their prioritization will always have impacts.

Our attributes are:
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Dexterity
  • Constitution
  • Willpower
  • Intelligence
  • Presence

The following principles now apply:
  • Intelligence is a key skill in determining how fast you learn. All skills count intelligence into how quickly you advance.
  • Intelligence determines how much you can learn - your total cap across all skills is determined by this attribute. when you reach this limit, you'll begin forgetting old, unused things as you learn new things.
  • Willpower is a key skill in determining how far you'll push yourself in your pursuits. It is a key factor in determining how high any individual skill can become.
  • Dexterity, covering the fine motor skills of the hands, is key to pursuits that rely on delicate control, such as crafting, art, musical instruments, and surgery. It also plays a smaller role in martial skills that require a degree of finesse, such as small-blades and dual-wielding.
  • Agility, covering whole-body movements and gross-motor skills, is key to all martial pursuits as they require coordination, lunges, strikes, and evasion in their mastery. It has additional importance to sneaking, hiding, and dodging which primarily rely on this type of aptitude.
  • The martial skills also take additional factors into count, particularly Strength for brawling and bludgeoning, Dexterity and Strength for prowess with a longblade, Dexterity for finesse with a small-blade, and Agility for keeping things at bay with a spear or polearm.
  • Presence is a key skill for interactions with both men and beasts, playing a key role in learning Haggling, Handling (of mounts and hunting animals), and Music.
  • Intelligence also is important for knowledge-based skills and the adaptation and application of that knowledge, including first aid, medicine, education, forage, hunting, and some crafting.
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