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Post by WildGiller » Thu May 29, 2014 12:19 am

Would anyone be able to advise me if this is going to implemented in Alpha? I'm of the understanding that Artistry is required to unlock 'mastercrafting' to a degree.

I'm unsure precisely what that means. Is it just higher tier objects or is there a specific set of actions one can do with the skill? I'm of the impression it can be used to 'decorate' things as well?

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Re: Artistry

Post by Mithrandur » Fri May 30, 2014 4:15 am

If I recall correctly, it's possible that for high-end crafts there will be an additional skill check for artistry to see if you pass/fail a craft. ARPI/PRPI's code allowed for skills to have multiple checks branching from multiple skill sets so it could very well be for more ornate pieces to require this to even be able to make.

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Re: Artistry

Post by Octavius » Fri May 30, 2014 5:55 am

Artistry has three definite purposes.

Superior/artisian crafts.
Yes, as described above and elsewhere, it will be a secondary check within most superior crafts to make goods. If you are making a fancy, lacy dress eith a superior craft, it will check against both Textilecraft and Artistry.

Decorating normal items.
Many objects in game (including most craftable ones) will be decoratable. This allows someone with Artistry to customize the item's full description by painting, etching, scrimshawing, etc. You can uniquely modify each thing and it will add statements about your skill appropriately.

Creating Artwork items.
This is a special object type that allows creation of a fully customized object with a player-written short desc as well as the decorated full desc. Paintings, statues, trinkets, figurines, toys... each one custom described.

This decoration ability is a powerful tool for creating physical memorials in the game world. A painting or bust of a fallen friend. An etched blade depicting the famous, sung-about battle in which it was used. Horrifying stone edifices that serve as warnings not to approach closer into the orcish lair.

Type HELP DECORATE in the guest lounge for details.

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