Becomming a first time orc.

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Becomming a first time orc.

Post by Rokof » Sat Nov 01, 2014 12:36 pm

I am interested in the orc sphere but truth be told I keep stalling, I hear and see on your posts how much more strict the sphere is and I really dont have a dang clue about tribes, religion, or really have any good ability to make a slur or slang.

So here is my request for tips and helpful hints and any explanation of obscure or challenging things you ran into as a newbie or a more experienced orc.
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Re: Becomming a first time orc.

Post by mongwen » Sat Nov 01, 2014 12:53 pm

Playing my first orc now, too. Pretty much I've just been letting the others lead me since I'm no good at coming up with slurs and don't know much of tribes or religions either. My PC does as told, takes lessons when they're offered and does a job for which everyone in the band has respect. Others will probably have better advice. Hope to see you IG soon.
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Re: Becomming a first time orc.

Post by Onasaki » Sat Nov 01, 2014 1:15 pm

The best thing to do is make a character who has no former ambition, and make a name for yourself by following the chain of command, and carving out a niche for yourself. That's really all you need to do as an orc, is to know how and when is the best time to step up to the plate and find your place.

As for religion, tribes, and the like, if you're coming in with no RPP then you can't be among the current IC tribes that exist outside Vadok. If you have one RPP then, yes, you can be from one of those tribes.

Religion at the moment is kind of finicky. Most orcs cherish the spirits of the Earth, Flame, and Mountain, but recent RP developments (ones that I wasn't a part of, sadly,) may have turned some of the sphere off to this.

But it's still possible to worship spirits without being treated like dirt, though. Just know an ambitious orc, is a dangerous one, and one who will probably not survive too long unless they're smart about it.

Otherwise, just come in, have some fun. We're in dire need of newbies.
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Re: Becomming a first time orc.

Post by radioactivejesus » Sat Nov 01, 2014 1:50 pm

Rokof wrote:I hear and see on your posts how much more strict the sphere is and I really dont have a dang clue about tribes, religion, or really have any good ability to make a slur or slang.
don't worry too much about that. New orcs are generally conscripts brought in from outside the Vadok Mal and they don't really know much about it in the first place. The warband is made up of enslaved orcs or mercenaries brought in from all over the region, so religion and customs will vary wildly from orc to orc as they're sent into the melting pot. Only real canon slang for orcs is the word 'Snaga', which is about the same as calling someone a bitch in real life.

The average orc ranges between four to five feet tall, and unlike Warhammer orcs, they can be as intelligent or as stupid as you'd like. For personality, what I find helps playing a good orc is to think about the motives for their actions. Most orcs are extremely self-centered and don't feel much empathy for their comrades. However, they often work togethor and aid eachother for self-serving reasons, or to avoid a beating.
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