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Post by Rishte » Fri Jan 22, 2016 5:13 pm

First and foremost in this sub-forum of our forums is for Orc Sphere only.


1. These forums are for Shadows of Isildur: Laketown. If you are wishing to advertise, review or complain about another game, please do so on their forums and not here.

2. Please do not flame, troll, or bully your fellow players or Staff. It is perfectly acceptable to criticize the opinions of others without being disrespectful, name-calling, insulting, or baiting. This rule covers, but is not limited to, Private Messages, Hobbit Mails, OOC Channel and Helpline Channel on the game. Any and all material of this nature will be edited or removed and both instigator and respondee(s) may have their posting rights temporarily removed. Do note that if you have an issue or a complaint against staff, a staff decision, animation of your character, death, or anything else potentially done or issued at the hands of staff you need to contact Elder Staff using the appropriate support portal channels. The forums are not for complaining or flaming staff and any posts of such will not be tolerated.

3. Please do not swear or use offensive, discriminatory language. Not all of our players are adults. Not all of our players are comfortable with swear words. If you intend to use uncouth language you are advised to find another way whether it is to block out the words with symbols or to use a politically-correct version of said swear word(s). Any offensive swearing or use of words that are discriminatory to gender, race, disability or personal life choices will –not- be tolerated. If you cannot say something in a humane manner, don’t say it at all.

4. Please do not post In-Character information. The following is a generalized checklist to follow.
a. Do not post about your character’s death or the killing of another character.
b. Do not post about your character or another character’s doings, comings, goings, etc.
c. Do not post logs without first submitting them to staff for approval. This prevents any sensitive information pertaining to ongoing plots from getting out or to prevent a character still alive that could be effected by the sharing of information about them.
d. Do not post complaints about another character. If you have a complaint, please contact staff at
e. Do not post complaints about staff. If you have a complaint, please contact staff at
f. Do not use the Forums to advertise for a clan in-game. All recruiting shall be done In-Character unless staff do a role call for something they are looking for.

5. Please do not post offensive materials, images, or links to offensive materials such as discriminatory, violent or sexual material. This is a family friendly environment where minors are present.

6. Please do not post pirated materials, links to pirated materials or how-tos on getting or using of said pirated material.

7. Please do not post copyrighted material without having linked the material to their owner, this includes artwork, music, song lyrics, poetry, and stories.

We as staff reserve the right to alter or delete a post which breaks our Forum Rules.

Please be respectful. If you are upset, sleep on it before posting something you cannot take back.

By registering to use these Forums you are hereby agreeing to our Rules of Forum Use.

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