LF4M - War Crew

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LF4M - War Crew

Post by MrT2G » Fri Mar 18, 2016 12:32 pm

There is an opportunity currently in the Orcish sphere for risk seeking PVP-minded individuals. The emphasis will be on small-scale raids and the RP that accompanies it. Training skills is completely optional. Basic equipment will be provided.

Again, the emphasis here will be on raids and the RP involved in such, not on coded l33tness. Expect to be fighting better equipped and trained opponents.

No experience is required. A will to learn, focus on roleplay, and take risks is.

Play times will generally be evenings PST.

Open recruitment will end once four qualified characters are found.

Required skills:

A weapon skill of your choice (Small-blade does not count)
Sole-wield and/or Dual-wield

For more details; inquire in game, hobbitmail Zhuk, or private message this account.
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Re: LF4M - War Crew

Post by Rishte » Fri Mar 18, 2016 1:46 pm

Please don't advertise for In-Game groups like this. Such recruitment should be done in-character only.

Please see the Forum Rules here:
http://www.middle-earth.us/forums/viewt ... =24&t=2727

If it is ever a 'family role' of two or more players, please speak with staff first through Help Support and we can put up a role call for you both on Staff Announcement and News boards.