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Re: Notable NPCs

Post by Fulgrim » Wed Sep 24, 2014 12:54 am

Striza - a thin-haired orc with a subtle underbite
Striza is the (almost) undisputed tribal leader of the Vadok Ushtarak and a seasoned warrior and tactician, having fended off dozens of claims to his leadership. Having been one of the region’s most dominant captains for decades, many of the neighboring tribes both fear and respect him, suspecting he would probably outlive them like he had the generations before. Considered relatively clever for an Orc, Striza is also calculating but merciless.

However, rumors of his favor with the powers that be in the South have turned toward exaggeration or even the opposite bent, and now that he is dead, the undercurrents of a power struggle between the tribes have begun.

Kreezur Bloodhand - a muscular, wide-eyed orc
Kreezur was seen by many as the young prodigy Orc that will one day soon replace Striza in his role as tribal leader, regardless of his age. Unlike Striza, Kreezur is aggressive, volatile, and impatient, and though he kept boasting around others, he was tight-lipped around the warlord of orcs for a time, until his recent betrayal and even more recent Chief-slaying of the uruk. Kreezur stood over Striza's body and proclaimed himself the victor in a decades long power struggle come to fruition.

Zakur a gangly, tattooed male orc
Zakur is the resident healer under the mountain, and formerly an ally of the Vadok Ushtarak leader Striza, though it is said he was outcast from the tribe for betrayal and an incident involving Jeex, who went on to lead the Gijakpas Vras, and was stripped of all but his rags. Today he is an aspiring shaman, seeking his next concoction or apprentice in the wilds.

Ghurlog - a stalwart orc with scabbed skin
Ghurlog has been a member of the Vadok for several years, and is considered one of Striza's most loyal followers. Known as a formidable warrior on the battlefield, Ghurlog is said to have once saved Striza's life, and has killed many a challenger to his dispute the warboss' reign, though being the Mad Dog he is, it's hard to say how long he'll last, without Striza around.

Zabalk - a sawtoothed, barrel-chested orc
Zabalk has been around about as long as Kreezur Bloodhand, and was often known for being the sparring master of the Vadok Ushtarak--except it backfired, on him and the Vadok. He got so used to, day in and day out, being beat on that he resolved himself to be the best, that no one ever was, at dishing out pain and suffering through spars. He got so good and his hide got so battle forged that he was probably second or third best, only behind Kreezur and Striza, in terms of rough skill in battle.

More often than not, he'd wind up killing those he was training, until he wasn't allowed to direct spars personally anymore, merely oversee them. With that, most recently, he was given the position of paymaster and lieutenant in the Vadok's hierarchy, often giving advice to those who seek it (or don't).

Drupau - a fat cheeked orc with a lousy eye
This orc is possibly the fattest, laziest and most disgusting piece of blubber to stock the Vadok's provisions and man their tavern. He was once an effective warrior, though by some miracle or oversight wound up taking control of Quartermaster duties, and allowed to grow fat and slobbish under Striza's watch. Though if any orc was placed above him with a penchant for work actually getting done, he'd probably be just fine at that too. Drupau likes spats, eating, drinking, farting and generally just being gross.

Ick - a snot-nosed, hunch-backed goblin
A craft goblin with his hands in every kind of trade, a sort of jack-of-all and master-of-none. He mostly ingratiates himself to those bigger than him, and is just about the most useless sniveling little goblin that's ever existed. He does odd jobs and acts as an outlet for orcs and their violent tendencies, though there's often a glint in his eye that suggests he's more than he lets on.

Jeex - an older, erect, fibrous orc
Probably the only real friend Striza had, the two often saw eye to eye on most things, from leadership decisions to tactics and field logic, and also their collective ambition, though over time he became disillusioned with Striza and his way of running and controlling things. Striza didn't always used to be so domineering, and when the orc became an overall tyrant, Jeex had tried to rope Zakur into some kind of plot to poison the orc (unknowingly).

Striza 'forgave' but banished to the wilds (as he usually did to traitors), and told Jeex if he ever returned to Vadok lands period, even got close, he'd kill him. This orc led the Gijakpas Vras, a tribe of his own making, for decades, until most recently, his return was called by Kreezur Bloodhand, who he's allied with.

Blit Wolfblood - a venerable orc with blue-black locks
Perhaps not only known as a berserker, but known in Mirkwood as THE berserker, Blit is not the most intelligent orc, but he's perhaps one of the most dangerous, simply because he's known for, with all the bluster and dramatic flair he can muster, committing to insane and out of reach action.

Though he doesn't always accomplish his goals, he has the numbers and raw power and influence in Mirkwood to come out ahead. He is deeply religious, and is regarded by his tribe of berserkers as the reborn spirit of some kind of orkish savior, who will deliver unto them a world made solely of war and conquest and neverending battle.

Uktharak - an oversized, weather-beaten, heavily-built orc
A powerful warrior--possibly one of the better, from down south, and whatever evil keeps orcs fighting around those parts, Uktharak took control of the Splintered Tusks from the previous leader, and was recognized for his mobile, flexible operating tactics and efficiency as a raider, having often taken to harrying the men of Veidreborg, the Beornings, and is a fierce rival of their chiefs.

Thok - a tattooed orc with a metal hand
Thok's father, and his father before him, and his father before him, and so on and so forth, had owned the lands north of Vadok Mal for generations, though they were beaten to securing the foothold in the mine left there by dwarves generations ago by Striza. Some decades in the past, Striza beat Thok's father in single combat for all the sticks in the pile, and made the animal rich hunting grounds to the north his own. Thok has taken this as a personal slight on his position in Mirkwood, and, heading one of the larger tribes in the area, has always made his intent to retake it known to all.

Snorthal a portly orc with a smooth head
Snorthal is probably mostly known as a slaver--or that was what he was, before becoming chief of the Shunned. They're a group of craft orcs and makers, engineers and such, and often have all their fingers in all the pots, in terms of trade going on between the Tribes in Mirkwood.

Although not the most intimidating orc, and mostly concerned with profit and keeping their relative position of neutrality and power, he's changed his warband's compliment to mostly heavily armed infantry who rely on overwhelming displays of power to take more captives to be trained as obedient workers. He's an effective taskmaster and a sly, if unpleasant, leader. The most overlooked of the "Six Chiefs".

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Re: Notable NPCs

Post by mongwen » Wed Sep 24, 2014 11:23 am

Who's the emaciated fellow stuck doing door duty? ... And I still want to know who Limbless is. Now Striza's shuffled off maybe we can get some info.
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Re: Notable NPCs

Post by krelm » Wed Sep 24, 2014 11:32 am

Onreiin is the doorguard. The limbless orc is...just the limbless orc.
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Re: Notable NPCs

Post by radioactivejesus » Wed Sep 24, 2014 5:28 pm

yea, Onreiins a Sergeant. If Ick the snaga gets a blurb, then he totally warrants one too :D.
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Re: Notable NPCs

Post by Hawkwind » Wed Sep 24, 2014 7:01 pm

Yeah. What happened to Stumpo?
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Re: Notable NPCs

Post by mongwen » Tue Dec 02, 2014 12:30 pm

So who's the new doorguard? course it might be better to wait till it's all fallen out before we get another NPC update? Hmm.
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