Orc lingo and you.

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Re: Orc lingo and you.

Post by tehkory » Fri Jun 13, 2014 1:21 pm

LadyMizra wrote:To Hawkwind, yes, but so is the word woolies. It refers to the vagina, so are we going to ban the word vagina in game? (Or crazy orc mudsex for that matter?). And to Tehkory, I did hear from a friend about that history, and it was resolved so I heard. In reality this game is like a giant fanfiction, that we all are writing. Are they going to sue the writers of the people who wrote fanfiction about Gandalf snarfagling all the hobbits in the Shire? (Yes this exists.) No, because it's fanfiction. And I don't think they will come in and look at the word slit and freak out. If they were going to be bothered by the word slit, then they would be bothered by the killing, murdering, torture, etc in the game. There is a lot in tis game that isn't PG because we're adults. Slit is the least of our problems. Pussy, woolies, slit, vagina, should not be such scary frightening words that we need to fear lawsuit over. Considering it's coded in game that we can get wounded in the groin and I've already had to rp dropping my pants to get a wound down there looked at.... I seriously think the admins have shaky grounds to be trying to ban one word.
"Resolved" is an odd word for it. You may think they're on shaky ground, but please do note the careful manner in which we're even discussing this 'resolution.' Note that we're not discussing fanfiction, but instead an unlicensed game run using Tolkien's world, one that strives to be gritty and intense, one that can be considered a threat: seriously, Lady Mizra. Think about it. At the -height- of their power and world interest, TE went out of their way to contact and come to a 'resolution' with Shadows of Isildur. This is not snarfagling around.

This isn't about censorship. This is about the public appearance of the way the Staff recommend that people play this -game-. You really need to, in this case, trust the wisdom of the people more aware of what is going on, rather than fumbling through the dark.

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Re: Orc lingo and you.

Post by Onasaki » Fri Jun 13, 2014 1:32 pm

WorkerDrone wrote:To be fair actually, I wouldn't care if the game was made strictly PG-13 consent or not, up to and including forcing FTBs on any and all scenes of explicit sexual conduct.

But that's just me!

I'm not for any kind of forced FTBs. It should be consentual, though, because it has been in the past.
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Re: Orc lingo and you.

Post by Hazgarn » Fri Jun 13, 2014 2:00 pm

LadyMizra wrote:To Hawkwind, yes, but so is the word woolies. It refers to the vagina, so are we going to ban the word vagina in game? (Or crazy orc mudsex for that matter?).
Not an orc player, but I'd weigh in that the difference between the word "slit" and the word "woolies" is this:

Players bring the word "woolies" (and it's real-world synonyms) in with them from the outside, and thus, without banning all swearing on the game (which no one is going to ask for), its usage is beyond the admins' control. "Slit", on the other hand, is being offered as part of a list of in-game lingo specific to the game's culture.

I think it's probably unlikely that the admins would stop anybody from using the word "slit" in-game, or disseminating it through orcish culture in-game by using it. (Not impossible, but they have better ways to use their time). But they can definitely try to stall attempts at making this in some way an "official" part of the in-game vocabulary that is presented as part of the game's lore, which I believe is all they're doing.
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Re: Orc lingo and you.

Post by krelm » Fri Jun 13, 2014 2:51 pm

As far as Tolkien Enterprises goes, as far as I can tell the only reason they contacted Traithe in the first place was because the LOTR movies were being released (I believe the Two Towers had just come out, but I may be mistaken) and they didn't want anyone cashing in on the franchise that wasn't them. I remember reading parts of the letter that Traithe posted, and one of the stipulations of keeping SoI open was that it be completely free, not selling any merchandise and blah blah blah (this doesn't have anything to do with the current situation, or use of the term "slit," really, but it's what happened).

And, you know, now the Hobbit movies are being released. And not only are the Hobbit movies being released, but SoI is opening around the same timeframe that the events of the Hobbit took place.

So, what I'm saying is, I can totally understand if the owners of the game want to watch their step. It's not like any of them can afford scrutiny from some huge corporation and its fleet of lawyers.

If I have to stop saying "slit" just on the minute offchance that it'll keep SoI from being closed down by a crew of ne'er-do-well laywers on a speedboat, I will.
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Re: Orc lingo and you.

Post by Nimrod » Wed Jun 25, 2014 8:36 pm

FYI - There is no blackspeech in game and very little of it is used by staff. Please don't make a habit of using it.
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