IC Posted Role - Bathhouse Manager

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IC Posted Role - Bathhouse Manager

Post by Frigga » Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:42 pm

A squint-faced man sits amongst the gathering of Ironwood Inn patrons and Utterby citizens and comments, "Aye - he was -singing- -singing- I tell you, and I don't know what he called the tune but it was a laughter. Drunk as I've seen him, though that's not saying much."

"Seems Master Eastmaer is on the hunt again for a manager for his famous or infamous bathhouse - lots of rumours on a place no one's actually seen. He said the best candidate should be trustworthy, with a mind towards keeping customers happy and the place clean. The best candidate would be someone versed in some sort of herbal know-hows - someone who knows about First-Aid, Foraging, Gardening, or Farming who knows enough about useful plants to be able to pick out proper oils and such for sale. But even a nose for knowing when something smells good or bad is useful."

"Job includes housing and of course, free baths - a stipend provided for living expenses. Any interested should send him word on why they would be the best choice."

"I hope someone applies, I truly want to finally take a hot bath."

OOC from Frigga: Please send in a support ticket with your application and interest in this role. This round of applications closes on 12 AM CST - Sunday, August 16th.