Projected Focuses: Human Sphere

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Re: Projected Focuses: Human Sphere

Post by toofast » Fri Jun 20, 2014 11:06 am

tehkory wrote:
toofastnig wrote:If you're talking about Holme's work on the Atonement codebase during Parallel, I played a character in late Parallel for lols and got skillgains like mad while sparring with training weapons, which was even easier to track using the 'progress' command.
You mean you got mad skillgains using pquality weapons? Or sparring weapons that I don't remember if they ever even put in to Parallel?
Mostly sparring weapons and trash weapons (pipes, tire rods, etc). Some pquality weapons towards the end, still 1v1 with the rare 2 v 1.

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Re: Projected Focuses: Human Sphere

Post by Jme » Fri Jun 27, 2014 5:04 am

It's simple, lower quality weapons hinder skill, failing skills = chance for raise.

Also you need more hits to kill stuff, so the fights last longer = more opportunities for gains.
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Re: Projected Focuses: Human Sphere

Post by mongwen » Sun Aug 17, 2014 5:38 pm

BoogtehWoog wrote:
MrDvAnt wrote:As I said in another thread, PCs should feel reasonably safe venturing a short distance outside the walls. It's difficult to be a booming logging town without people being able to go logging without an armed guard and a group of 10 people.
I agree. If life were that dangerous, I don't think anyone would settle there. There has to be room for non-combat NPCs to do their thing without having to constantly work in tandem with combat NPCs; otherwise, everyone is going to turn into a combat/crafter hybrid.
Thirded, though I recognize even as I write that this is an old thread and my input is probably not relevant. I deliberately created a PC *without* combat skills and am feeling out of place and useless, or rather I should say my PC is. I'm just feeling vaguely frustrated OOC.
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Re: Projected Focuses: Human Sphere

Post by Fulgrim » Sun Aug 17, 2014 5:58 pm

To date:

The fully realized economic system, managing imports and exports as well as new crafts and a planned expansion giving a degree of player housing, some shops and the opportunity (tentatively) for player groups is already moving forward at it's own rate, all in a very early alpha stage of the game. I've been on staff for a little over a week. Other people too.

At that, I still agree with this thread. This thread is the sum of what I agree with. My feelings have not changed. Before new hirings came along, progs were, whatever Tiamat and Taurgalas could get the okay for, and what they were motivated to make. Now they're saying they're doing a whole lot more wonderful work on x and y and it's all really fancy and wonderful. Do you reap tangible benefits from them? I guess maybe not, but that's how you do testing phases. You test.

Will there be activities inside the town walls to do? The economy will be fleshed out, there will be more crafts, and assuming as we move into Beta more progs get approved, there might be prog based activities related to daily life in both spheres for people to do, and generate roleplay from. Can I guarantee a set date for any of this? No. But the point was to have a functioning game for both social players, casual players, hard core players and players who want to constantly be in the thick of it.

I'm getting a lot of indications that some people think that a game is mutually exclusive. "One type of game cannot exist alongside the other."

"You can't mire yourself designing features to cater to both."

Are you gonna nay-say until you finally quit? No one wants to say we can only have one type of game. A lot of "making both types of people" work in one game is the people wanting one thing willingly interacting with the other people wanting another thing.

Another side of all of this is to cut down on just how much OOC you get into, when it comes to the motivations of others. The most toxic thing about this community, and it isn't anything new, it's been like this since I played Atonement early on and it was probably there in old SoI, is how people always have to conflict in reality instead of creating fun out of conflict in a game.

I want subsystems and activities for all kinds of players. People disagree with me on this, but that's what I want. When I'm told it's something we can't have, maybe that's when I'll give up, but not before.
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