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Current Crafts List

Post by Taurgalas » Sat Oct 25, 2014 4:37 pm

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    armoring forge shield-boss
    armoring make hardened-leather-helm
    armoring make oiled-leather-coif
    armoring make oiled-leather-gloves
    armoring make oiled-leather-leggings
    armoring make segmented-leather-gauntlets
    armoring make segmented-leather-hauberk
    armoring make segmented-leather-leggings
    armoring make simple-shield
    armoring make trash-shield
    armoring make oiled-leather-gambeson
    armoring sew fur-cloak
    armoring sew leather-cloak
    armoring sew leather-coif
    armoring sew leather-gambeson
    armoring sew leather-gloves
    armoring sew leather-leggings
    armoring sew rawhide-gloves
    armoring sew rawhide-hood
    armoring sew rawhide-leggings
    armoring sew rawhide-gambeson
    artistry carve basic-wood-beads
    artistry carve basic-wood-hairpins
    artistry carve basic-wood-pendant
    artistry carve basic-wood-ring
    artistry carve simple-wood-earrings
    artistry cut shield-trinkets
    artistry string metal-bead-necklace
    artistry string wooden-bead-loop
    artistry string wooden-bead-necklace
    artistry weave braided-wire-necklace
    baking bake basic-multigrain-loaf
    baking bake basic-sourdough-loaf
    baking bake cram-batch
    baking make sourdough-starter
    blacksmithing breakdown weapon-blade
    blacksmithing construct awl
    blacksmithing construct blacksmith-hammer
    blacksmithing construct butcher-knife
    blacksmithing construct carpenter-hammer
    blacksmithing construct farming-hoe
    blacksmithing construct mining-pick
    blacksmithing construct scythe
    blacksmithing construct shovel
    blacksmithing construct spade
    blacksmithing construct utility-knife
    blacksmithing cut rivets
    blacksmithing forge awl-needles
    blacksmithing forge basic-metal-beads
    blacksmithing forge blacksmith-tongs
    blacksmithing forge buckles
    blacksmithing forge butcher-knife-blade
    blacksmithing forge cobbler-nails
    blacksmithing forge cooking-pot
    blacksmithing forge crude-torc
    blacksmithing forge fishing-hooks
    blacksmithing forge grate
    blacksmithing forge hammer-head
    blacksmithing forge hoe-head
    blacksmithing forge knitting-needles
    blacksmithing forge manacles
    blacksmithing forge metal-bands
    blacksmithing forge metal-chisel
    blacksmithing forge metal-hinges
    blacksmithing forge metal-lantern
    blacksmithing forge metal-press
    blacksmithing forge metal-tankard
    blacksmithing forge nails
    blacksmithing forge pick-head
    blacksmithing forge scythe-head
    blacksmithing forge sewing-needles
    blacksmithing forge shovel-head
    blacksmithing forge skillet
    blacksmithing forge tea-kettle
    blacksmithing forge tool-banding
    blacksmithing forge utility-knife-blade
    blacksmithing forge baking-sheet
    blacksmithing make spooled-wire
    blacksmithing refine iron-ingot
    blacksmithing refine iron-ore
    blacksmithing smelt bog-iron
    blacksmithing smelt pitted-bog-iron
    blacksmithing smelt ruined-metal
    bonecraft carve basic-antler-beads
    bonecraft carve basic-bone-beads
    bonecraft carve basic-hair-pins
    bonecraft carve bone-die
    bonecraft string bone-bead-necklace
    bonecraft string simple-bead-loop
    brewing add yeast-to-ale
    brewing add yeast-to-mead
    brewing add yeast-to-small-ale
    brewing brew mead
    brewing crush barley-into-malt
    brewing distill bloodswill
    brewing distill rotgut
    brewing drain light-ale-wort
    brewing drain small-ale-wort
    brewing dry soaked-barley
    brewing ferment mushroom-yeast-water
    brewing make yeast-water
    brewing roast light-barley-malt
    brewing soak light-malt
    brewing soak used-light-malt
    brewing soak whole-barley
    butchering butcher bear-backstrap
    butchering butcher bear-carcass
    butchering butcher bear-cub-carcass
    butchering butcher bear-haunch
    butchering butcher boar-carcass
    butchering butcher boar-fatstrap
    butchering butcher gamebird-carcass
    butchering butcher venison-backstrap
    butchering butcher venison-carcass
    butchering butcher venison-haunch
    butchering butcher warg-carcass
    butchering butcher wolf-carcass
    butchering chop orc-stew-meat
    butchering chop pork-belly
    butchering chop stew-meat
    butchering clean raw-intestines
    butchering drain blood
    butchering gut plucked-gamebird
    butchering gut unscaled-fish
    butchering press fish-oil
    butchering render smoky-lard
    butchering strip buck-carcass
    butchering stuff simple-intestine-sausage
    cloth-armoring sew cloth-coif
    cloth-armoring sew cloth-gambeson
    cloth-armoring sew cloth-gloves
    cloth-armoring sew cloth-leggings
    cobbling cut leather-boot-upper
    cobbling cut leather-heel
    cobbling cut leather-sole
    cobbling cut leather-vamp
    cobbling cut suede-boot-upper
    cobbling cut suede-vamp
    cobbling make simple-boot
    cobbling make simple-sandal
    cobbling make simple-shoe
    cobbling make suede-boot
    cobbling make suede-shoe
    commissions add barrels-for-commission
    commissions add planks-for-commission
    commissions add sausages-for-commission
    commissions add tankard-for-commission
    commissions add tubers-for-commission
    commissions establish barrel-commission
    commissions establish metal-tankard-commission
    commissions establish plank-commission
    commissions establish sweet-sausage-commission
    commissions establish tuber-commission
    cooking boil bland-gamebird
    cooking boil bland-greens
    cooking chop raw-carrots
    cooking cook boiled-carrots
    cooking cook sweet-glazed-carrots
    cooking create meat-stew-trencher
    cooking create sourdough-trencher
    cooking fry fried-fish-fillet
    cooking fry fried-meat
    cooking fry gamebird-pieces
    cooking fry meat-tuber-hash
    cooking grill plain-chop
    cooking grill plain-fish-fillet
    cooking grill plain-ribs
    cooking grill plain-steak
    cooking prepare fishermans-brewis
    cooking render cooking-lard
    cooking roast bitter-nuts
    cooking roast plain-gamebird
    cooking roast plain-roast
    cooking roast several-meats
    cooking roast whole-boar
    cooking roast whole-coney
    cooking roast whole-deer
    cooking roast whole-goat
    cooking sautee wild-mushrooms
    cooking simmer gamebird-stock
    cooking slice raw-mushrooms
    coopering assemble dry-tight-barrel
    coopering assemble kitchen-water-barrel
    coopering assemble wet-tight-barrel
    coopering assemble wooden-keg
    coopering carve barrel-staves
    coopering cut barrel-caps
    dyecraft dye large-undyed-leather
    dyecraft dye large-undyed-suede
    dyecraft dye medium-undyed-leather
    dyecraft dye medium-undyed-suede
    dyecraft dye small-undyed-leather
    dyecraft dye small-undyed-suede
    dyecraft dye undyed-nettle
    dyecraft dye undyed-wool
    first-aid brew chamomile-tea
    first-aid brew lavender-tea
    first-aid brew rose-tea
    first-aid bundle moss-bandage
    first-aid prepare bandages-from-cloth
    first-aid prepare septfoil-poultice
    first-aid prepare wolfsbane-poultice
    first-aid refresh dried-poultice
    first-aid sterilize bandages
    first-aid sterilize mass-bandages
    fishing assemble simple-pole
    fishing cast pole-line
    fletching assemble ordinary-crossbow
    fletching assemble ordinary-longbow
    fletching assemble ordinary-shortbow
    fletching build metal-tipped-bolt
    fletching build metal-tipped-longarrow
    fletching build metal-tipped-shortarrow
    fletching carve crossbow-grip
    fletching carve crossbow-stock
    fletching carve longbow-grip
    fletching carve shortbow-grip
    fletching carve wooden-arrow
    fletching carve wooden-bolt
    fletching carve wooden-longarrow
    fletching cast bodkin-arrowhead
    fletching cast broadhead-arrowhead
    fletching cast simple-arrowhead
    fletching finish balanced-shaft
    fletching finish orcish-arrowhead
    fletching finish sharpened-arrowhead
    fletching finish straightened-shaft
    fletching make plain-arrow-shaft
    foraging collect feathers
    foraging gather black-truffle
    foraging gather bog-ore
    foraging gather cave-mushrooms
    foraging gather celeriac-root
    foraging gather field-garlic
    foraging gather field-mushrooms
    foraging gather holly-berries
    foraging gather penny-bolete-mushrooms
    foraging gather raw-rose-hips
    foraging gather ruddy-duck-egg
    foraging gather tree-berries
    foraging gather tree-greens
    foraging gather tree-nuts
    foraging gather tree-seedfruit
    foraging gather tree-stonefruit
    foraging gather wild-carrots
    foraging gather wild-leeks
    foraging gather wild-potatoes
    foraging pick blackthorn-plums
    foraging scout berries-tree
    foraging scout black-truffle-growth
    foraging scout cave-mushroom-patch
    foraging scout celeriac-patch
    foraging scout field-garlic-patch
    foraging scout field-mushroom-patch
    foraging scout greens-tree
    foraging scout holly-tree
    foraging scout leek-patch
    foraging scout nuts-tree
    foraging scout penny-bolete-patch
    foraging scout ruddy-duck-nest
    foraging scout seedfruit-tree
    foraging scout stonefruit-tree
    foraging scout wild-carrot-patch
    foraging scout wildflower-patch
    foraging scout wild-potato-patch
    foraging scout wild-strawberry-plant
    foraging-herbalism gather peat-moss
    foraging-herbalism gather whole-septfoil
    foraging-herbalism gather whole-silverweed
    foraging-herbalism gather whole-wolfsbane
    foraging-herbalism scout septfoil
    foraging-herbalism scout silverweed
    foraging-herbalism scout wolfsbane
    foraging-herbalism strip birch-bark
    gardening braid wildflower-garland
    gardening cut wildflower-bouquet
    gardening gather rose-hips
    gardening prune chamomile-plants
    gardening prune lavender-plants
    gardening prune red-roses
    gardening tend dry-mint
    gardening tend mint-plants
    general assemble hook-and-line
    general assemble stone-table-and-stools
    general assemble wooden-table-and-chairs
    general cure hillmen
    general cut line-from-spool
    general empty dirt-filled-bag
    general empty filled-water-barrel
    general empty filled-water-cauldron
    general empty filled-water-pot
    general end training-spar
    general feed hungry-workers-lunch
    general feed lit-hearth
    general fill cauldron-from-barrel
    general fill cauldron-with-water
    general fill pot-from-barrel
    general fill pot-with-water
    general fillbarrel-with-water
    general lather lye-soap
    general light hearth-fire
    general make basic-torches
    general open ale-barrel
    general open barrel-into-kegs
    general open sealed-keg
    general open sealed-stone-jar
    general salvage cleaning-cloth
    general salvage spare-bandages
    general scrap wooden-items
    general separate hooks-from-pile
    general separate needles-from-pile
    general smoke pipeweed
    general tear bolt-for-bandages
    general tear cloth-bandages
    general-cleaning clean dirty-barrel
    general-cleaning clean dirty-basic-jar
    general-cleaning clean dirty-glass-jar
    general-cleaning clean dirty-keg
    general-cleaning clean dirty-mash-tun
    general-cleaning clean used-large-jar
    general-cleaning clear rubble
    general-cooking boil hot-water
    general-cooking brew dried-chamomile-tea
    general-cooking brew mint-tea
    general-cooking char whole-fish
    general-cooking chop meat-extras
    general-cooking crack roasted-nuts
    general-cooking feed lit-oven
    general-cooking feed lit-stove
    general-cooking fill jar-with-blood
    general-cooking grill blackened-fish-fillet
    general-cooking harvest barm
    general-cooking hull raw-barley
    general-cooking light oven-fire
    general-cooking light stove-fire
    general-cooking pluck gamebird-feathers
    general-cooking pluck songbird-feathers
    general-cooking prepare basic-lunch-sack
    general-cooking prepare fairly-filling-lunch
    general-cooking prepare robustly-filling-lunch
    general-cooking roast charred-gamebird
    general-cooking roast charred-songbird
    general-cooking roast plain-meat
    general-cooking roast raw-bat-carcass
    general-cooking slice basic-bread-loaf
    general-outdoors build campfire
    general-outdoors bundle firewood
    general-outdoors cast line
    general-outdoors collect dropwood
    general-outdoors construct palisade
    general-outdoors create crude-spit
    general-outdoors dig dirt-mound
    general-outdoors dig shallow-grave
    general-outdoors dig trench
    general-outdoors expand palisade-wall
    general-outdoors feed lit-campfire
    general-outdoors fill open-grave
    general-outdoors gather bait
    general-outdoors scout flexible-rod
    general-outdoors split tree-root
    handicraft render lard-jar
    hunting bait bear
    hunting bait boar
    hunting bait wolf
    hunting build polecat-snare
    hunting build rabbit-snare
    hunting build squirrel-snare
    hunting flush buck
    hunting flush cave-boar
    hunting flush pheasant
    hunting flush stag
    hunting scout partridge
    instruments carve hide-drum
    instruments carve wooden-harp
    instruments carve wooden-pipes
    instruments carve wooden-flute
    instruments make wooden-lute
    knitting knit baby-blanket
    knitting knit large-project
    knitting knit medium-project
    knitting knit simple-gloves
    knitting knit simple-hat
    knitting knit simple-headband-warmer
    knitting knit simple-mittens
    knitting knit simple-scarf
    knitting knit simple-shawl
    knitting knit simple-socks
    knitting knit small-project
    knitting knit woven-bracelet
    knitting knit woven-pouch
    knitting knit woven-satchel
    leatherworking cut leather-laces
    leatherworking cut leather-straps
    leatherworking make fur-rug
    leatherworking make braided-leather-belt
    leatherworking sew leather-bag
    leatherworking sew leather-harness
    leatherworking sew leather-pouch
    leatherworking sew leather-quiver
    leatherworking sew leather-satchel
    leatherworking sew leather-sheath
    leatherworking sew leather-waterskin
    leatherworking sew pliable-suede-tunic
    leatherworking sew simple-leather-belt
    leatherworking sew snug-suede-leggings
    leatherworking sew suede-cloak
    leatherworking sew suede-overdress
    leatherworking sew suede-skirt
    leatherworking twist sinew-bowstring
    medicine brew strawberry-leaf-tea
    medicine grind holly-powder
    medicine prepare birch-bark-cast
    medicine prepare garlic-salve
    medicine prepare septfoil-salve
    medicine prepare silverweed-ointment
    medicine prepare silverweed-salve
    medicine prepare simple-aid-kit
    medicine prepare wolfsbane-ointment
    medicine prepare wolfsbane-salve
    metal-armoring assemble butted-mail-chausses
    metal-armoring assemble butted-mail-gauntlets
    metal-armoring assemble butted-mail-hauberk
    metal-armoring assemble mail-length
    metal-armoring forge spangenhelm
    metal-armoring make armoring-rings
    mining mine limestone-blocks
    mirkwood burn spider-nest
    mirkwood burn spider-web
    mirkwood clear bear-den
    mirkwood clear warg-den
    mirkwood clear wolf-den
    mirkwood destroy giant-egg
    mirkwood disrupt loggers
    mirkwood disrupt workers
    mirkwood reassure frightened-laborers
    mirkwood reassure frightened-loggers
    music perform upbeat-flute-melody
    music perform upbeat-harp-melody
    music perform upbeat-lute-melody
    music perform upbeat-pipes-melody
    orc-cooking grill beastmeat-steak
    orc-cooking roast beastmeat-haunch
    orc-cooking roast rat-on-stick
    orc-cooking roast whole-cave-boar
    orc-cooking roast whole-cave-lizard
    ordinary-textilecraft sew billowing-robe
    ordinary-textilecraft sew billowy-chemise
    ordinary-textilecraft sew billowy-skirt
    ordinary-textilecraft sew bodiced-overdress
    ordinary-textilecraft sew fitted-trousers
    ordinary-textilecraft sew flowing-chemise
    ordinary-textilecraft sew flowing-skirt
    ordinary-textilecraft sew open-necked-tunic
    ordinary-textilecraft sew rectangular-bodice
    ordinary-textilecraft sew relaxed-trousers
    ordinary-textilecraft sew sleeveless-overdress
    ordinary-textilecraft sew v-necked-blouse
    ordinary-textilecraft sew wide-necked-blouse
    ordinary-textilecraft sew work-apron
    public-debt earn palisade-wall-debt
    stonecrafting chisel large-stone-jar
    stonecrafting chisel stone-chest
    stonecrafting chisel stone-cup
    stonecrafting chisel stone-jar
    stonecrafting chisel stone-stool
    stonecrafting chisel stone-table
    stonecrafting construct stone-bench
    stonecrafting construct stone-shelves
    superior-metal-weaponcraft augment bludgeon-with-spikes
    superior-metal-weaponcraft hone razor-edge
    superior-metal-weaponcraft planish unmirrored-weapon-piece
    tanning boil hide-glue
    tanning boil tanned-hide
    tanning brine raw-large-pelt
    tanning brine raw-medium-pelt
    tanning brine raw-small-pelt
    tanning brine raw-warg-pelt
    tanning brine raw-wolf-pelt
    tanning condition large-leather-square
    tanning condition medium-leather-square
    tanning condition small-leather-square
    tanning scud brined-large-pelt
    tanning scud brined-medium-pelt
    tanning scud brined-small-pelt
    tanning scud pelt-to-suede
    tanning tan large-pelt
    tanning tan medium-pelt
    tanning tan small-pelt
    textilecraft cut cloth-ribbons
    textilecraft sew basic-apron-dress
    textilecraft sew basic-cloak
    textilecraft sew basic-cloth-pouch
    textilecraft sew basic-cloth-sack
    textilecraft sew basic-cloth-sash
    textilecraft sew basic-robe
    textilecraft sew basic-shift
    textilecraft sew basic-trousers
    textilecraft sew basic-tunic
    textilecraft sew bushel-bag
    weaponcraft-component build weapon-haft
    weaponcraft-component build weapon-hilt
    weaponcrafting assemble ordinary-blade-weapon
    weaponcrafting assemble ordinary-head-weapon
    weaponcrafting assemble ordinary-spear-weapon
    weaponcrafting assemble poor-blade-weapon
    weaponcrafting assemble poor-dagger
    weaponcrafting assemble poor-head-weapon
    weaponcrafting assemble poor-spear
    weaponcrafting assemble rough-blade-weapon
    weaponcrafting assemble rough-head-weapon
    weaponcrafting forge battleaxe-component
    weaponcrafting forge dagger-component
    weaponcrafting forge greataxe-component
    weaponcrafting forge greatsword-component
    weaponcrafting forge heavy-spear-component
    weaponcrafting forge longknife-component
    weaponcrafting forge longsword-component
    weaponcrafting forge mace-component
    weaponcrafting forge poor-battleaxe-head
    weaponcrafting forge poor-dagger-blade
    weaponcrafting forge poor-greataxe-head
    weaponcrafting forge poor-greatsword-blade
    weaponcrafting forge poor-hand-axe-head
    weaponcrafting forge poor-heavy-spearhead
    weaponcrafting forge poor-longsword-blade
    weaponcrafting forge poor-mace-head
    weaponcrafting forge poor-short-spearhead
    weaponcrafting forge poor-shortsword-blade
    weaponcrafting forge poor-warhammer-head
    weaponcrafting forge rough-axe-head
    weaponcrafting forge rough-great-axe-head
    weaponcrafting forge rough-greatsword-blade
    weaponcrafting forge rough-hand-axe-head
    weaponcrafting forge rough-knife-blade
    weaponcrafting forge rough-longsword-blade
    weaponcrafting forge rough-mace-head
    weaponcrafting forge rough-maul-head
    weaponcrafting forge rough-pike-head
    weaponcrafting forge rough-shortsword-blade
    weaponcrafting forge rough-spear-head
    weaponcrafting forge short-spear-component
    weaponcrafting forge warhammer-component
    weaponcrafting hone tempered-edge
    weaponcrafting sharpen dull-blade
    weaponcrafting sharpen poor-weapon
    weaponcrafting sharpen tempered-weapon
    weaponcrafting temper ordinary-weapon
    weaving spin coarse-wool-thread
    weaving spin coarse-wool-yarn
    weaving spin rough-nettle-thread
    weaving spin rough-nettle-yarn
    weaving spin wincey-thread
    woodcrafting build armor-stand
    woodcrafting carve large-wooden-jar
    woodcrafting carve leather-mold
    woodcrafting carve long-tool-haft
    woodcrafting carve short-tool-haft
    woodcrafting carve straight-pipe
    woodcrafting carve wooden-cups
    woodcrafting carve wooden-die
    woodcrafting carve wooden-gills
    woodcrafting carve wooden-jar
    woodcrafting carve wooden-knitting-needles
    woodcrafting carve wooden-tankard
    woodcrafting construct wooden-bench
    woodcrafting construct wooden-bin
    woodcrafting construct wooden-chair
    woodcrafting construct wooden-chest
    woodcrafting construct wooden-cupboard
    woodcrafting construct wooden-shelf
    woodcrafting construct wooden-table
    woodcrafting construct wooden-tray
    woodcrafting drill pipe-bore
    woodcrafting weave wooden-basket
    woodcrafting whittle ingot-mold
    woodcraft-timberwright chop log-for-chips
    woodcraft-timberwright chop log-to-firewood
    woodcraft-timberwright cut block-from-log
    woodcraft-timberwright cut plank-from-log
    woodcraft-timberwright scout copse-for-sapling
    woodcraft-timberwright scout copse-for-tree
    woodcraft-timberwright scout ironwood-copse-tree
    wood-weaponcraft make heartwood-pole
    wood-weaponcraft make plain-wood-haft
    wood-weaponcraft make plain-wood-staff
    wood-weaponcraft make practice-axe
    wood-weaponcraft make practice-hammer
    wood-weaponcraft make practice-knife
    wood-weaponcraft make practice-spear
    wood-weaponcraft make practice-sword
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