The Awesome Amazing Cooking Thread!

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Re: The Awesome Amazing Cooking Thread!

Post by Raukran » Wed Aug 20, 2014 8:21 am

Nezerin wrote:Not sure if it's just my character or what but the poor guy seems able to eat about 15 cooked items or more to be completely full. I don't know if that intentional or not but it seems like that combined with the craft timers make it very difficult to feed even a moderate number of people. When I say that I'm talking about just cooking. We have someone else doing the meat preparation.
There's definitely a change as of a couple of weeks ago when Frigga said she was messing around with the butchering crafts. As it stands, I don't think anyone could currently afford to buy all of their food from the Ironwood. I'd personally like to see people able to go to a tavern, order a standard meal, and being able to eat while RPing. Still getting fed while not having to spam eat a dozen entrees.
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Re: The Awesome Amazing Cooking Thread!

Post by Foxtrot » Mon Sep 22, 2014 3:46 pm

Guess this is the place for suggestions? Tossing any and everything out there... Some might work for the setting, some might not. Just wanted to suggest some things. Could use Artistry for some of the more fancy ones.

glazed ribs with a side of boiled carrots and greens
roast venison with a side of sauteed mushrooms
steak and boiled potato
steak and baked potato
steak and mashed potato
pork chops with glazed apple jam
fried fish fillet and fried potatoes
fried duck egg sprinkled with truffle shavings
brewis with a slice of sourdough bread

mashed potatoes
boiled potato
baked potato
fried potato
apple jam
plum jam
berry jam
sourdough toast
multigrain toast
pork gravy (fat, flour, and water or gamebird stock)
barley soup
stuffed pheasant
stuffing (celery, carrot, cram, nuts, garlic, pork fat/gamebird stock)
vegetable soup (carrot, celery, garlic, leek, potato, gamebird stock)
barley vegetable soup
carrot soup
potato soup
celery soup
pork pie
bear pie
venison pie
rat pie
bat pie
eel pie
fish pie
spider legs
rat on a stick
frog legs
poached duck egg
hardboiled duck egg
sweet glazed ribs
barley porridge
dried jerky
sausage and egg scramble
fish and egg pie
glazed cherries
Shepherd's pie
nut-stuffed pig entrails
pickled pig's feet
pickled plums
pickled anything
creamed gamebird liver
grilled liver

moonflower liquer
fermented blood (orcs obviously... hopefully)

apple pie
honey laced cram (cheap version of honey cake)
carrot cake
sweet bread
honeyed roasted hazelnuts
candied apple
baked apple

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